Sneak peek at Adidas women’s tennis dresses for the 2015 Australian Open


While here at Women’s Tennis Blog we took a two-week break in the beginning of the off-season, Adidas has been working hard for the fast-approaching Australian Open to ensure that their players open the new year in fresh clothes.

Adidas Stella for Australian Open 2014

As for the Adidas by Stella McCartney collection, you can see that it is a continuation of the brand’s famous yellow and green print spring line (currently on sale at Tennis Warehouse). If you remember the 2014 Australian Open dress of Caroline Wozniacki, Stella’s top representative, you will notice quite a resemblance with the 2015 piece probably to be worn by the Dane, just that the 2015 dress got rid of excess details that took the complicated 2014 version to the edge of tackiness. Thumbs up for this new Adidas Spring Stella McCartney Barricade Dress!

Adidas Adizero for Australian Open 2015

As for the Adizero line, most notably worn by Ana Ivanovic, we’re having another perfectly simple style in this Adidas Spring Adizero Dress. Maybe the blue is a bit too dark for the Australian sun, but I’m sure the high-performance fabric will compensate. Last year Ivanovic also wore a blue dress in Melbourne and it has remained one of my favorite women’s tennis dresses. (source: The Slice)


  1. Saudin, it seems to me that the dress has white mesh inserts on sides and on racer back, which bring a point of interest in the design. I’m sure the item will look nice in action.

  2. It’s just that it’s the same shilouette over and over, same colors, the design for the back of the dress is the same in all of the dresses…. I wish they would o something different

  3. caroline wore similar colours during dubai so it might get bit boring but still looks decent and ana’s dress reminds me little bit of serena’s design (AO and Miami) do you think that colour will look good on during AO on those light blue courts?

  4. Sru, I actually think it will. It may seem strange but I have noticed that it looks awesome when the outfit matches the color of the court. Contrasts are also perfect, but matching tones look unusually beautiful. For example, red and orange dresses are perfect for the French Open.

  5. hmm.. yea i agree in some cases they look perfect . Do you have any pictures that show the dress from behind? i’m curious because they had innovative back designs last year. Anyways i hope they give more dresses to their players this year unlike last year. they made ana wear same dress till june which made me loose interest in that dress

  6. Sru, I don’t have back photos of that dress yet, but I’m sure they’ll surface soon. I agree, Ana tends to wear the same dress for too long, and I doubt that that will change, but on the other hand the dresses are so perfectly simple, wearable and yet innovative that at the end of the day I don’t mind. Stay tuned, soon I will make a fashion retrospective of Ana’s 2014 dresses 😉

  7. ok i totally forgot that ana wore this colour last year in uso series and how good it looked on her 😀 now i’m positive about this dress

  8. Mary, overly loose, plus super retro and lace only. It would’ve looked better if it fitted the figure better and had just details of lace.

  9. I totally agree with you. It looks like 80’s fashion style.

    But Caro is lucky: she has to wear this jacket on the court just for a few minutes! Whew!


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