Updated: Shock of the day! Maria Kirilenko is getting married today!?


Maria Kirilenko

Well this is a surprise! Maria Kirilenko broke off her engagement to hockey player Alex Ovechkin in July 2014 (her relationship with Ovi started not much after the split with her long-term partner Igor Andreev) and then among a bunch of tweets about the Australian Open third-rounder between Azarenka and Zahlavova-Strycova I read that Kirilenko is getting married, TODAY! What?

We know nothing about the groom, but we’ll probably have more information later in the day. Maybe Maria will even share some of her wedding photos on Instagram?

Anyways, the news broke with the tweet of Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Russian former world No.1 ATP player, and was then further spread by Russian Gazeta. If I understand well, Kafelnikov says that he’s invited to the wedding.

Russian readers, please contribute! 😉

UPDATE: After much anticipation and suspense about who the groom is, whether Maria got back with Alex or there’s someone else in the game, we finally get to see a photo from the wedding and actually it’s Maria herself who shared it, saying:

So, it’s official: now you can congratulate me, it’s the happiest day of my life!

Maria Kirilenko in her wedding dress

But, as you can see, the groom is still kept a secret. As I read at Tennis Info Blog, Russian gossip site spletnik.ru is saying that Maria married her sparring partner Alexander Krasnorutskiy, although people on Twitter are already informing me that that can’t be true since he’s in Melbourne now with his wife. We’ll sure learn who the lucky guy is pretty soon, but apparently not as soon as we would like.

On top of everything, Maria is rumored to be pregnant! Are you noticing the baby bump?

UPDATE 2: Not even Kirilenko’s colleagues know who the lucky guy is. Here’s how Maria Sharapova joked about the news:

I’m not sure to who – but it’s wonderful actually. What happens in Russia stays in Russia.

UPDATE 3: According to super.ru, via Tennis Info Blog, Kirilenko married a high-profile Russian businessman Alexei (on the left). The source claims that the wedding took place in a Russian village Usovo, in a restaurant Chalet Beryozka, and the couple arrived at the ceremony in a white Rolls-Royce.

UPDATE 4: Maria shared one more wedding photo on her Instagram account.

Kirilenko wedding photo

UPDATE 5: We have a photo of Maria with her 38-year-old hubby now and a short video from the wedding.

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  1. Wow, that’s crazy! I don’t think she’s pregnant though, I have seen her post training pics (although I haven’t been too up to date on her social media). Do you know where the wedding took place? Maybe Maria went to Las Vegas? Haha 😉

  2. hmm… exactly the thought that passed through my mind when i saw that picture … Is she pregnant? otherwise why rush and are both maria’s still friends ? i wonder. What’s with beautiful russian tennis players marrying rich yet old and not so good looking ( i’m being polite 🙂 ) men .. 🙁

  3. What a surprise!!! I had held out hope that she and Igor Andreev would reunite after she split up with Ovechkin but obviously not 😛 She obviously wanted to keep it all very private…. Alina Jidkova tweeted her surprise aswell so everyone seems to have been kept in the dark!

  4. Emman Damian, intriguing indeed. I can’t wait to see who the husband is. Last night I read, and updated this article, that it’s a Russian businessman, but we’re yet to get more info.

    Ga, it actually happened in Russia, in an “upscale” village, as I read.

    Sru, well, we still haven’t seen a closeup pic. A lot of women tend to like experienced and professionally confident guys.

    Bróna, she definitely informed just a very close circle. Well, over time we’ll certainly get more info.

    Forehand11, I just hope it’s not a revenge for Ovechkin!


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