Maria Kirilenko finally reveals her husband, flies off to honeymoon


It’s an understatement to say that Maria Kirilenko shocked us all with her wedding at the time we didn’t even know she had a boyfriend and after two days of anticipation and speculation we finally get to see the hubby. The lucky guy was rumored to be a Russian businessman, but now we have more precise information: his name is Alexei Stepanov, he is 38 years old and is the Head of the Committee of Public Services in Moscow.

Maria Kirilenko wedding photo with husband

The 28-year-old Maria shared this photo where the couple poses with their mothers during the wedding ceremony. Maria is probably the most gorgeous women’s tennis player and it’s no surprise that she was absolutely glowing at her wedding.

And the lovebirds are already off to their honeymoon, as Maria shared this plane photo on Instagram.

Maria Kirilenko honeymoon flight

Kirilenko’s wedding was a shock not just because we didn’t know she had a boyfriend and it was unannounced, it was more perplexing because only about six months ago she broke off her engagement to hockey player Alex Ovechkin. Albeit even that relationship came very shortly after Maria’s long-lasting relationship with fellow tennis player Igor Andreev, which everyone thought would end up in marriage. Remember that at Elena Dementieva’s wedding Alla Kudryavtseva shared a photo of Maria and Igor on Twitter and said “I bet their wedding is next”. Oh well, life has written a very different story!

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  1. Sru, yeah, that’s the guy that was on the left of the photo. But the one on the right was of the same age I think, just bolder 🙂

    Emman Damian, that’s true, you never know what life will take your way. I wish all the best to my namesake Maria. 🙂

  2. Maria looks stunning on her wedding dress. Well, you’ll never know when and who you’ll marry. I’m happy for her. I wish she’ll go back soon in the tennis courts!

  3. Tennis Island, there have been very good marriages arising from short relationships and hopefully Maria’s will be in that category.

  4. Jeez, what a gold digger. Couldn’t get the alpha guys, so she had to marry a russian administrator although certainly he’s well off.

  5. Jacques Strappes a bitter fool. Maria Kirilenko is NOT a gold digger she is an accomplished, wealthy, tennis player, a world traveler who was part of the jet set for years long before she married. Stop hating just because the men in her natural social circle are wealthy. Truth is the wealthy often marry the wealthy—it doesn’t make her a gold digger because Maria K. married within her social and economic class. Keep on crying but do stop lying.

  6. She IS gorgeous. What a knockout! And a terrific tennis player, too. I notice that when a woman is really really attractive like Maria, she will often pick a spouse who is just an ordinary looking guy. So don’t give up hope, young lads. If you are really nice, and are generous with whatever bucks you have, you might find the girl of your dreams, too.


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