Maria Kirilenko gives birth to baby boy in Moscow


We’ve all been wondering what has been going on with Maria Kirilenko and now we have the answer, although not 100% confirmed: the 28-year-old gave birth to a baby boy in Moscow!

Maria Kirilenko

The Russian tennis beauty has not played competitive tennis since September 2014, her ranking is now down to No.314 (last year in March it was No.29), but she has been more than active in the private department of her life. Within one year she broke off her engagement to hockey player Alex Ovechkin, before we knew it she was already married to a new guy, Russian businessman Alexei Stepanov, and now she has become a mother. That’s called living life on the fast lane!

We have no updates from Kirilenko herself. Her last tweet is still her airplane photo from the honeymoon departure in late January.

Kirilenko honeymoon

Good luck, Maria! We’re wishing you a harmonious family life and a successful return to tennis.


  1. Wow! A number of tennis Mommies this year! Let us know, Marija when you find out the little boy’s name.

  2. Jim, I will! I’m sure we’ll know soon. Even though this information is not confirmed yet, I do think it’s true.

  3. Wow everything in Maria’s life is in x3 speed eh.. 😛 congrats to Ms.Kirilenko and Mr.Kirilenko


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