Alize Lim, new ambassador for Le Coq Sportif

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After its return to men’s tennis with Richard Gasque in January 2014, French sports brand Le Coq Sportif is entering the WTA world and they picked France’s No.7 Alize Lim to wear their clothes. Good choice! Alize is a cool young star, fun to follow on social networks, as you can see by this celebration of Le Coq Sportif shoes:

Not only is Alize doing the promotion, the 24-year-old Parisian is also involved in the design process of Le Coq Sportif, which became prominent in the 1980s with Yannick Noah and Arthur Ashe.

Alize Lim working on Le Coq Sportif collection

I’m expecting Alize to start wearing the rooster-marked apparel at her next tournament. This season the 249th-ranked played just the Brisbane International and was clad in Adidas, in particular in the white asymmetrical Stella McCartney Barricade NY Tank and the poppy pink Stella McCartney Barricade Skirt:

Alize Lim in Adidas

And here’s how Alize looks in Le Coq Sportif:

Alize Lim in Le Coq Sportif

Let’s see what Lim herself has to say about her new partnership:

As you could hear, Justine Henin also used to wear the brand, it was back in 2001.

And one more related photo, just because I like it 🙂

Alize Lim - Le Coq Sportif

I’m looking forward to seeing this cooperation in action! (via Tennis Identity)


  1. I’m wondering if she’ll actually start wearing their stuff now. The partnership was announced back in 2014 (the video above was released in November) so I was rather surprised to see her in that Adidas kit in Brisbane.

    I’m all for players wearing something different. Be it Ellesse, Lacoste, Wilson or whatever, anything that breaks the Nike/Adidas monotony is welcome in my book 🙂

  2. Jimmie48, I’m expecting her to start. Look even 15 minutes ago she posted this photo on Instagram with Le Coq Sportif mention:

    I’m also always for variety! And women’s tennis has a lot of place for many more emerging brands! Hopefully those smaller brands will recognize it and make an investment.

  3. Remember, Serena did not start off wearing Nike. Does anybody remember her first clothing and shoe contract? Hint, hint big with football players an golfers Paula Creamer and Rickie Fowler. Methinks Boris Becker wore these in his day.

  4. Oh yeah, Marija, right there on your blog! Interesting footnote on the split from Adidas. I did not know that!

    BTW, this is a fantastic blog, Marija. I kind of stumbled onto it Googling on, you guessed it, Li Na a few years ago looking for her baby pics. I can look up future WTA tournaments and pull up the home sites of each from here. And can order tennis stuff from Tennis warehouse from this site. The commenters and other writers are excellent and very civil. The site itself is visually appealing. I would rate it 5 star. the American football bloggers could learn a thing or two from the professionalism of Women’s Tennis Blog! 🙂

  5. Jim, wow thanks a lot for this much praise! 🙂 I’m glad you decided to stick with my blog after just stumbling across it through Google. I appreciate it that you find it professional. My goal has been to create a blog that I would like to read and it’s good that a lot of people share my taste 🙂

    Emman Damian, the competition is very big and I agree, they can’t hardly be competitive with plain designs.

  6. It’s a good thing they have the women’s line again. I hope they’ll have something innovative to offer this year. The promotional ad looks a bit simple. I hope they’ll make use of bright colors and go away from the usual classic look.

  7. Emman Damian, more power hehe! 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

    About women’s tennis fashion, I am always excited to see extraordinary yet well-executed designs, but I also appreciate the existence of brands that nurture simplicity, when combined with class and high quality. It’s good to have as many choices as possible.

  8. I agree with Jim. You did a good job on this blog Marija. All tennis players and fans around the globe can share their insights and get the latest updates about Women’s tennis in this space. Kudos and more power!

    We can see a lot of returning and new brands in women’s tennis. I think girls are easier to dress up than men. Men like it more sporty and simple as much as possible. For women, they like variety and innovation. Of course, functionality and quality too. But that is not enough, major brands are really inserting additional “add ons” that would make their brands more appealing and interesting.

  9. I must correct myself. LPGA golfer Paula “The Pink Panther” Creamer, does not wear Puma. Like Ana Ivanovic, she wears Adidas. I really meant Lexi Thompson..she wears Puma. And there’s another group of athletes that have to play second fiddle to the men (Tiger Woods, et al). BTW Jessica Korda, daughter of former Austalian Open champion Petr Korda, is a pretty good little golfer. She is one of the longest hitters on tour. She says she didn’t want to take up tennis like her father, because she “didn’t like to sweat”.;)

  10. Jim, I’ve seen Paula’s photos in Adidas as well, but I thought, because of your statement, that she used to wear Puma before. And thanks for this peculiar info about Korda’s daughter 🙂


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