Amber yellow meets embroidered floral design in Caroline Wozniacki’s Roland Garros 2015 dress


A month ago we had a sneak peek at Caroline Wozniacki‘s new dress by Stella McCartney, most probably created for the French Open, and now we can have a closer look at the item, as it has become available at retail and the official promotional photo has been released.

Caroline Wozniacki - Stella McCartney yellow dress 2015 promo

The Adidas Summer Stella McCartney Barricade Dress combines color-blocks and flowers, design elements that Stella really likes to use. As for the touch of flowers on skirt, this time they have a special twist, being a combination of print and embroidery. In the promo photo, Caro is wearing the light pink Adidas Stella Barricade 2015 shoes.

Caroline Wozniacki - Stella McCartney yellow dress 2015

I loved Stella’s green spring dress, but there are so many things I don’t like about this summer item. The shade of yellow doesn’t do it for me, I’m not a fan of how the flowers are executed and the color-block is very unflattering, especially the back part which looks like leakage. Maybe I will have a better impression of the dress when I see it in action, but I doubt that it has a chance of reaching the status of a favorite.

Stella McCartney glacier separates tank shorts 2015

To give the Adidas Summer Barricade collection full justice, I have to mention that it does feature some nice pieces, like this glacial and light pink tank that goes nicely with this white flared skirt (the silver embroidered design on sides fits this skirt much better than the dress).

Stella McCartney long sleeve 2015

For warm-up we have the Adidas Summer Stella McCartney Barricade LS Top, which I still can’t decide if I hate or find OK, but I can certainly say that the pale pink spring version of the item is more beautiful.

Stella basic top yellow and desert sand

Fans of basic looks have the option of wearing the Adidas Summer Stella McCartney Barricade Top in amber yellow and desert sand.

What’s your fashion verdict on the new Adidas Barricade apparel?


  1. I am not too fond of this shade of yellow as well, Marija. I think last year there were a lot of the women and even men running around the court like canaries!

  2. I like the top and the white skirt ánd I do like the pink version of the long sleeve… The other items are not my cup of tea 😉 (and that’s probably an understatement)

  3. Since like 2 or 3 years I find Stella’s outfits more acceptable then in the past (I still shudder at the white, frilly thing that Caro was wearing in the Turking Airlines commercial). On the other hand, for a supposedly big time haute couture desinger, Stella is strangely… repetitive. All her clothes seem to have more or less the same desing with just colours changing (and most of them seem to be base on a chambermaid outfit…).

  4. This is not a winner I am afraid. The yellow is ugly, the pink and grey are blah, the embroidery is not great and it is questionable whether any embroidery would work on a shiny synthetic fabric. As you say the white skirt is the best of a bad bunch – it would look nice with a black top.

  5. I like it. The embroidery at the bottom of the dress is something new. It resembles the current adizero dress Ana currently wears when I frist looked at this dress, especially the front. I don’t know or probably it’s just me. Overall, I’m a happy camper!

  6. For me, I’m not really a fan of her new dress. Although, I really like what other Stella girls will wear at Roland Garros. Glacial and light pink will look good on clay.

  7. Maggie, you’re right, Stella is repetitive, but I see it as her own style, not as lack of inspiration. Even when it comes to colors she’s not experimenting much. Actually at present she’s been experimenting much more than before. When I think of Stella I think of neutral hues such as beige, nude, sand, grey, and so on. I have a love and hate relationship with Stella. I generally either adore it or hate it.

    Iamozzie, I have to disagree. Stella’s designs never remind me of Adidas Adizero.


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