Williams wins Wimbledon, completes second Serena Slam

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Serena Williams won her 21st Grand Slam title and sixth at Wimbledon with a 6-4 6-4 victory over first-time major finalist Garbine Muguruza of Spain. After a strong and courageous start, Muguruza’s resistance was cracked midway through the first set and when it seemed that Williams would finish things off quickly in the second set, Muguruza treated tennis fans with a miraculous stretch of three game wins. 

The world No.20 Muguruza broke Williams’ serve in the long opening game and hung on to that advantage all the way to 4-2, when Williams won her service game to love and finally used a break point to level the set at 4-4. Quickly afterwards, the set went into the hands of the world number one.

Having found her rhythm, Williams started cruising through the second set, quickly finding herself at 5-1. However, serving for the championship, Muguruza broke Williams to love and prolonged the inevitable. Actually, she prolonged it more than we expected, holding serve in the following game and again earning 40-0 on Williams’ serve in the ninth game of the set. Muguruza showed her heart and determination and miraculously hung in there to break Williams again, approaching the American from 1-5 to 4-5. Despite this entertaining comeback, no wonder that eventually Serena won. Muguruza is just human and one has to be superhuman to beat Serena in a Grand Slam final. However, Muguruza displayed amazing composure and power and we sure know that Grand Slam titles are waiting for her. Moreover, she’s now entering the Top 10!

The American world No.1 has repeated the Serena Slam, meaning that she has now won four consecutive Grand Slams, starting from the 2014 US Open. The first time Serena achieved that was in 2002/2003. Moreover, Serena has now won the third leg of a Calendar Slam. What’s one more US Open for her!


  1. All hail the queen, Serena J. Williams! Yep, she came through once again to total victory. Now, how many major titles is that? Is that more than all the other women presently on tour, combined? History all over the place, yes indeed. Hmmm, looks like 21 major titles and counting, because number 22 is just around the corner. All other players, go ahead and simply bow down and give props to the queen of the court. Garbine Muguruza did the best she could, but there’s nobody even on the same level as Serena Williams. Kudos to the crowd, Martina Navratilova, and Brad Gilbert for publicly supporting Serena. You two (Martina N. and Brad G.) picked the winner of the 2015 Wimbledon championship right off the bat. Actually, Martina N. was unwavering in repeatedly talking about no one being able to compete with Serena. It was so refreshing to hear what she expressed and how she expressed it with such pride and confidence in Serena. “Congrats, Serena! You truly are the best. You shine for America and keep coming through as the victor, time and time again. Simply amazing! The upcoming US Open championship is already in your hands. With the way you’re playing, it’s inevitable. God bless you!”

  2. The Real Deal, as you said “history all over the place”, it’s so hard to keep track of all Serena’s achievements and records. No question that she’s again the biggest contender for the US Open crown.

  3. Really enjoyed watching the fortnight of Wimbledon, climaxing in Serena capturing the Serena slam again and also the third leg of the Calender Grand Slam. Prior to the final, they showed a clip from PGA golfer Jordan Spieth who is going for the calender Grand Slam in golf at The British Open this week. He stated how he really admired Serena for her athleticism and hard work. Which will be the more likely to happen..Serena getting the Slam in tennis or Spieth in golf? Personally, I think it more likely Serena, because Spieth has so much more players of high level competition, that he cannot control what they do on the course. But things got a little easier, because Caro’s old beau Rory McIlroy is out due to an ankle injury playing soccer (football) with his buddies.

  4. Jim, a Calendar Grand Slam is totally realistic for Serena. I believe that the chance for her winning it is higher than for her not winning it. As for Rory, I wonder if Caro is secretly happy out it haha.


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