Ivanovic relaxes with Schweinsteiger in her villa in Mallorca

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Serbian media are reporting that Ana Ivanovic is relieving the woes over her swift Wimbledon exit with boyfriend Bastian Schweinsteiger in her luxurious home away from home in Mallorca. Moreover, the media are mentioning that the couple is planning a wedding in August and are even calling Bastian her fiancé. However, we still haven’t had the engagement information confirmed by the love birds, even though Ivanovic has recently been rocking what seems to be an engagement ring. Remember her Pre-Wimbledon Party glow?

According to Blic.rs, this is the first time Ana has brought her love partner to the luxury villa in Mallorca, even though she’s had it for years and her friends did accompany her during holidays. However, I’m not sure how accurate this statement is, since she did visit Mallorca both with Fernando Verdasco and with Adam Scott and I doubt they didn’t drop by her house.

As for the wedding talk, a source for Blic.rs states:

Schweinsteiger and Ana wanted to get married in September, but that’s when their career obligations heat up. Therefore, they decided to organize the celebration in August, in Serbia as well as in Germany. Schweinsteiger is famous for throwing good parties, so his wedding will also not be an ordinary event, rather a theme party.

There were rumors that the two would get married in a picturesque ranch typical of the north region of Serbia, but the latest information is that the location has not been determined yet.


  1. I’m so happy for Ana. I hope this will be her inspiration to do better in her career. I want her to win more slams. She came so close in French Open this year. I know with Bastian on her side, she’ll achieve more titles and awards. Ajde Ana! Idemo!!!

  2. Emman Damian, Bastian is a loyal supporter. I hope this one will last, regardless of the naysayers (among whom I was in the beginning as well :P).

  3. I hope it’s the real deal this time around, because being in and out of relationships is never healthy. She needs to get back to top form in tennis. Nevertheless, I wish them well. Ana deserves any good that comes her way. I think she is so beautiful, and naturally so!

  4. Well, actually, I don’t give a damn about their private life but wish them luck anyway. However, I don’t see Ivanovich winning Grand Slams, she doesn’t seem to have the quality. The one French Open win was a truly one-of-a-kind, a lucky strike when most of the competitors were either sick or retired. Since then, not much has actually happened.

  5. It must be nice to vacation in luxury or relax when work isn’t going well in sunny Spain. As for as the more intimate details of the romance, I am glad to hear that she has found that special someone, shame it isn’t me. I hope it lasts. I have gathered that a relationship with a tennis player isn’t easy because they travel so much. If you find someone that is after your own heart they each will do whatever it takes for the relationship to succeed.

  6. I expected more guys interacting on this topic…
    Somebody would probably state this is women’s tennis blog…but so what, they are talking about Ana for God sake!!!
    After reading your comments it hard to disagree with any of your opinions and also to share P!nky’s sorrow that someone else took her 😀
    People shouldn’t be messing into whatever they have, but still, they are public figures, and interest about their relationship will never fade away. Have to agree also, even though I am huge fan of Ana, that she will ever again be on the throne of WTA, but the fact is that Bastian for sure brought something good. And off course, thumbs up for Bastian, when we see him providing support on her matches it is clear that he is taking this relationship seriously.

  7. Just to let you know, Serbian women normally wear an engagement or wedding ring on their right hand, not the left like some other countries.

  8. Anonymous, yes, but that doesn’t mean that this is not an engagement ring. It could well be that Ana is wearing hers on her left hand.


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