Sania Mirza and husband Shoaib Malik made our day in just six seconds


Fresh off her Wimbledon doubles triumph, India’s Sania Mirza went to Sri Lanka to support her cricket-playing husband Shoaib Malik during the Pakistan-Sri Lanka encounter and when his team recorded a victory over Sri Lanka in the third ODI in Colombo, the couple celebrated with an epic dance that immediately went viral among cricket and tennis fans. The track is a Bollywood hit called Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai. The video also features Ehsan Adil, Babar Azam, Mukhtar Ahmed, and Muhammad Irfan.

Mirza and Malik married in 2010, causing quite a bit of controversy in their countries India and Pakistan. (source: The Express Tribune)


  1. I know Sania does love cricket, she is from India after all. That is not meant to sound offensive at all, I know personally India does love their cricket because I have been to India myself (actually was in India when I got into tennis), and I read in an article about Sania that she goes to some cricket matches in her down time. Cricket is a great sport. I was watching a few of Sania’s matches in 2006 at the Sunfeast open and that is where my love of tennis started. The players I have to thank are Sania Mirza, Olga Putchkova, and JJ.

  2. Sania Mirza is one of the great women Tennis players India has and she has achieved great success in her career so far. And she marrying her a Pakistani player had so many controversy but she overcame them. And she has once said in the media that she is a great cricket fan but in a India vs Pakistan match, she will support India, not her husband’s team!


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