The packed schedule of Arina Rodionova: tennis match in the morning, wedding in the afternoon

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If you think you have a busy schedule, think again. Russian-born Australian Arina Rodionova has her Australian Open playoffs semifinal on Saturday, the same day as her wedding ceremony! And, she’s going to make it!

Rodionova’s opponent Storm Sanders and tournament organizers agreed to move the match from the initially planned afternoon hours to 9 in the morning, so that the 26-year-old Rodionova can be on time for her wedding which starts at 4 p.m. Luckily, we can exclude the risk of rain delays! And that’s not all, if Rodionova wins the semifinal, she will be back on court for the final on Sunday.

Australian Rules football player Ty Vickery is Rodionova’s future husband. (source: ESPN)


  1. Hectic alright ED, throw in the fact it’s going to be 40*C in Melbourne on Saturday – it could be a crazy day indeed.

  2. She won! – so she has to play again tomorrow – so not too much champagne tonight. I wonder why she scheduled her wedding when she knew the playoffs would be around this time?

  3. CLT, I don’t know. I suppose you can’t plan everything in life. There were probably some factors that she couldn’t take into account. It’s huge news that she’s won the SF, imagine now that she wins the final as well! That would be crazzzy!


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