Arina Rodionova lost her Australian Open playoffs final, but is still a winner!


Arina Rodionova is a hero! This woman won her Australian Open playoffs semifinal in three sets at 11:10 am on Saturday and gave the necessary TV interviews, knowing that she had to rush to her wedding scheduled for 4 pm and knowing that the day after at 12:30 pm the playoffs final awaits. The climax of those rollercoaster days was Rodionova’s loss to Maddison Inglis 6-4 6-2 in the playoffs final and although the 26-year-old is struck by sadness about the defeat, she’s still the winner for taking up that crazy challenge. Whenever I feel overwhelmed in my life, I will just think of Rodionova and my obligations will instantly feel small.

Rodionova sad over loss in AO playoffs final

Arina’s elder sister Anastasia shared this photo on Instagram, saying:

She tried to do the impossible today… Unfortunately the result was not the one we all wanted but she fought till the end, tried to her best the whole week and played with all her heart! I don’t know anyone who would play a tournament not only on the day of her wedding but also the day after, which is even harder. She is a winner regardless of today’s result! Well done! Arina had many friends supporting her today and we are all very proud of her! Arina, You tried your best! Loved the effort, dedication and courage!

Consolation came from WTA player Jarmila Gajdosova as well:

Arina Rodionova wedding photo
Arina Rodionova married Richmond Tigers AFL player Ty Vickery
Bridesmaids Anastasia Rodionova and Anastasia Pivovarova
Bridesmaids Anastasia Rodionova and Anastasia Pivovarova

Arina, I hope you will now have time off to enjoy the beginning of your marriage and your achievements that inspired so many people.


  1. In every game 1 win and 1 lose but Arina Rodionova tried hard for her game which make him winner, best of luck for her future.


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