Serena successfully opens quest for seventh Wimbledon title


Reigning champion Serena Williams won her 80th match at Wimbledon, beating Swiss qualifier Amra Sadikovic 6-2 6-4 in the first round.

The scoreline is straightforward, but in the post-match interview Serena emphasized that she doesn’t underestimate her opponents and that the encounter was not easy. At moments it looked like Serena was not playing to win the match, but not to lose it, and her serve was off and slow for her standards, which was quite discussed on Twitter, my favorite comment being: “Did Serena rent out her serve this year?”

Anyways, a win is a win, and Serena twirled on her way to the net for a lovely handshake with the 27-year-old Sadikovic, who had retired in 2014 because of financial problems and lack of drive to play tennis, only to come back 13 months later.

In the second round, Serena is set to face Christina McHale.

On a tennis fashion note, I’m in love with Serena’s NikeCourt Premier Dress as much as she is. The high collar is super elegant, while the two layers at skirt are so vibrant and flirty. Definitely one of Serena’s best Wimbledon outfits ever!


  1. The outfit looks so good in motion. And it looks incredibly light; I think the double-layered skirt is a little see-through, which works. One of the top Wimbledon looks ever.


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