String Bling racquet dampener with Swarovski crystals, a stylish new way to spin for serve


I’ve had a wonderful friendship with jewelry designer Emily Austin for years, as she not only sent me several custom-made jewelry pieces, including the beautiful fuchsia crystal tennis ball pendant and my wedding earrings earlier this year, but she’s also provided prizes for several giveaways here on Women’s Tennis Blog. Emily has now redesigned her website, added a shopping cart, and has a new unique tennis product for sale: the String Bling racquet dampener adorned with hand set Swarovski crystals, embellishing your racquet and giving you a stylish and sparkly new way to spin for serve, as the two sides of the dampener are in different colors.

Emily Austin String Bling racquet dampener with Swarovski crystals-min


Emily Austin has been designing jewelry using tiny Swarovski crystals for 23 years. She has also been an avid tennis player for 46 years and still plays in leagues and tournaments.


Because Emily loves sparkly things, she wanted to add some sparkle to her tennis racquet. More than five years ago she tried to figure out how to add crystals to her dampeners, but unfortunately nothing sticks to rubber. After going back to the drawing board many times, she finally figured out a way to successfully crystallize the dampeners and keep them in place.

Sting Bling vibration dampeners


As we all know, spinning for serve can be very challenging using the butt of the racquet. It is often hard to tell if the logo is facing up or down. String Blings not only sparkle in your strings, but it’s also the new and fun way to spin for serve, because there is a different color of crystals on each side of the dampener. Now you can spin for color! It’s fun to see the look on your opponents’ faces if they choose “pink” or “purple”!

The practical and beautiful String Bling dampeners come in over 40 colors and you can pick the color for each side of the dampener. Every dampener is crystallized in the USA by hand. They are $22 each or two for $40. Upon special request, they can be sent to countries other than the USA.

This is the perfect gift for tennis fanatics who “think” they have everything!

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  1. Emman Damian, I’ll organize a giveaway in the coming days. Stay tuned and you may win this unique dampener 🙂

  2. Wow! What a very unique tennis product. Good job Emily Austin and thank you WTB for featuring it here. I would like to have one of my own in the future. Maybe a blue and purple perhaps that matches my kit. It’s interesting they have 40 colors. Tennis players have an option so select which ones matches their current kit, tennis gear or simply matches their personality.

  3. Thank you for your nice comments Emman. I hope you win one of the dampeners! if not, I will be happy to make one for you! I love the way the sun hits the crystals and makes them sparkle like crazy! They make me happy!

  4. Ooooooh, so cool 🙂 I’d love to have the blue one, would work perfectly with my Babolat Pure Drive 😀

  5. Thank you Marija. I’m looking forward to it.

    Hi Emily. Thank you so much. I’ll be happy to accept your offer. I play tennis and I understand that sometimes you really have to stand out in the crowd. I am amazed by this products. Yes, I want to try it in sunny tennis courts and check the different sparkling colors. I’m excited.


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