Marion Bartoli: “My life right now is an absolute nightmare.”

Marion Bartoli 1
This photo is from late 2015 and already then we could see Marion’s rapid weight loss

I have to admit that I thought something bad clicked in Marion Bartoli‘s head so that she lost 30 kilos since retiring two years ago, as she looks nothing but anorexic, but the 2013 Wimbledon champion has now revealed that the reason for her unhealthy weight loss is not her obsession with losing body fat, rather a mystery virus that is causing her body to reject not only the majority of foods, but also tap water, jewelry, electronics, certain fabrics, etc.

In an interview for This Morning, the 31-year-old Bartoli talked about her despair, saying that situation is getting worse by day and that her life is an absolute nightmare right now.

It’s not a life that I’m going through right now. – Marion Bartoli

Marion can’t even take a shower with tap water, only mineral water doesn’t hurt her body, and she has to use gloves when using a cell phone, while even with gloves she can’t use it for more than five minutes at a time, as her heart starts pounding. The jewelry designer also had to take off all her jewelry.

Marion Bartoli 2
Marion playing an exhibition at this year’s Roland Garros, wearing the designs she created for Fila

The situation is alarming, while her current diagnosis is that it is some internal virus that doctors can’t name. Luckily, Sir Richard Branson is like her second father and he’s found a good clinic for her that will hopefully help her treat the illness. Marion’s father Walter is a doctor, but she’s not mentioning him.

Here you can watch the full interview:

This is really, really serious! I hope that Marion will find a good team of experts to help her!


  1. I just knew from the moment I saw her on TV that something is wrong with her health wise. I hope she gets better real soon. Her TV commentary is worth listening.

  2. I truly don’t get it. If she’s sick, why feed us all those stories about working out (pictures/videos from the gym included), being in shape, eating healthy and (this is what I’ve read like a week ago?) getting back to the her natural body frame? I understand that one may not want talk about his/her illness and in the era of celebrities oversharing everything I can even appreciate that. But keeping things to yourself or even misleading and completely lying are two different things.

  3. Maddie, I agree that there might be some inconsistencies. In the full version of the interview she does mention that at first she simply established a healthy living routine, nothing drastic, just healthy food and moderate exercise, but then later the illness hit and it caused her to rapidly lose weight etc.

    She mentions that she started realizing that she might be ill somewhere in February, right? Now, she started looking seriously thin even last year, so how come it didn’t raise red flags back then? The other question is that in March she still posted photos from the gym — a person with such a condition shouldn’t go through difficult training, right? And lastly, just a few days ago when she was involuntarily withdrawn from an invitational doubles contest at the All England Club for health reasons and she was furious about it. Why would she be furious if she knew she was ill?

    I’m not saying that she’s lying or anything, there are just some things that are still unclear to me. Time will tell!

    I’m eager to hear what others have to say.

  4. Well we were correct marija, something wasn’t right here. Very sad. I hope she’s not trying to save face. Either way she needs help and I wish her healthy recovery. Did you happen to find any other cases like hers of this mystery Virus? I don’t even know how to search about this

  5. Sru, overall the situation is totally strange and definitely very bad. I don’t know other cases of this, but Marion says she does know, as she says that the virus behaves differently in different people, thus causing different complications.

  6. Yea a lot of details just don’t make any sense. It wasn’t too long ago where she said her new look is because of her strict exercise regime and diet control. She says she’s allergic to electronic materials but she did on court interviews at french open without any gloves and lot of jewelry and if i’m not mistaken, she also played invitational tennis there. I think I remember her looking like this last year as well? Anyways if she’s really ill the last thing she needs is people raising questions about her illness.(I know its hypocritical of me to say this after doing exactly that but still)

    I wish her good health and hope she gets the help she needs

  7. I feel bad for Marion. A lot of what she’s describing sounds a little suspect, and even disproven by science (especially the electronics part, as well as needing mineral water too). I’m thinking she’s just having a really tough time coping without tennis, and may even be looking for the spotlight again, at the expense of her own health. She probably realized how much attention her dangerous weight loss has received, and is maybe taking it over the edge. Remember when she sent out a tweet hinting about leaving retirement? She was certainly looking to get responses with that one. I don’t know, it just seems like she wants to stay in the news. Hope she’s able to find peace with her life

  8. Sru, exactly. I’m glad we’re all here so that everyone can give their own input. There’s something inconsistent about her story. I don’t want to judge, as her situation is definitely very difficult, whatever it is, but her talking about strict exercise regime, the fact that she did use the microphone without gloves, she did play tennis at Wimbledon, it all makes this whole story so confusing.

    Ga, when I saw her insane weight loss, my thoughts were exactly what you described in your comment, that she found it hard to make a life without tennis and that that personal crisis manifested in her finding balance in obsessing about exercise and food.

  9. Love for you, Marion. I’m praying you get well soon. Love when you commentate, by the way. You’re very unbiased and you know the sport. May God bless you richly.

  10. In my opinion, i think she might be suffering from delusional disorder, a psychiatrist’s aid is probably needed. Judging by the way how she explained that she will have reactions to tissue papers and etc, it seems as if she is using one of the immature defense mechanisms which is “intellectualization” .

    There is a reason why doctors are worried about her health condition and she wasn’t allowed to play.

    If delusional disorder is not the case here, then anorexia nervosa should be highly suspected.

    It would be very nice of her if she could provide the complete stories of her viral infection in India, as this ought to be reported to the World Health Organization (WHO), so another incident like Ebola or Zika will not take place anymore.

    Just my two cents.

  11. It sounds bad but honestly, I don’t think she has any virus. And to ME, the inconsistencies in the stories show it. I think she just needs a good psychologist or psychiatrist like Nara said.
    I blame the fashion industry and social media for what is happening to her right now. She’s been criticized, mocked, and bully all her life because of her figure, in the press and I’m sure on her social media too. As a tennis player she had a dream , made sacrifices and had tennis to go her going. Once she left tennis, she hadn’t to sacrifice herself no more for a dream ( she had to eat to play good tennis but she would be kinda chubby) and could now think about her look, “better it”. And once someone get down that road…

    I hope she really get the real help she needs and deserves to get through this. It’s sad but I think she never loved herself because of all the negative feedback she received while on court and she got lost in them when she hadn’t tennis anymore


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