WTB exclusive with Chris Evert: Chrissie by Tail tennis fashion Q&A

The Lavette Dress, Chris' AND my favorite!
The Lavette Dress, Chris’ AND my favorite!

Chris Evert won an astonishing number of 157 singles titles, including 18 Grand Slams, and clinched the year-end No.1 ranking seven times from 1974 to 1981, while these days the tennis legend is busy implementing her knowledge and experience into tennis clothes, with a mission to fit different figures of players of all tennis levels and generations. I had a pleasure to ask Chris everything I wanted to know about her Chrissie by Tail fashion line.

When and how did you cooperation with Tail start?

I had so many moms, club and league players come up to me over the years to ask if I would ever think about designing a line for women, because the tennis lines they wore didn’t always fit the right way and were not always complimentary to their varying figures. So, we (my manager and I) approached Tail and they loved the idea of designing a separate line with my input on fit, designs, colors, details, and comfort.

Is there something that you would like to point out as unique in the Chrissie by Tail tennis clothes, both in terms of performance and looks?

Chris Evert in Chrissie by Tail
Chris modeling her Chrissie by Tail Imperial Purple collection

Chrissie by Tail was designed to fit real women – whether tennis moms, women’s league players or competitive juniors and professional WTA players. All of our outfits look graceful, classy, and sporty on the court, but are still made for tough competition and the demands of playing at the highest levels of the game. Chrissie by Tail was created to be a very fashion-forward apparel line and all of our collections have the highest quality fabrics that were carefully selected with the latest trending colors to create a sporty and athletic look for women.

What do you think about the current state of women’s tennis fashion and can you compare it to the past?

The fabrics are definitely better and more comfortable and durable today. When I played, I wore sundresses, halter dresses, dresses with cut outs and lace dresses. I always loved the feminine and edgy look.

Are you thinking about signing a WTA player to wear the Chrissie by Tail line? Which WTA player would be your top choice in ideal circumstances and why?

I am excited to see WTA professional players like Maria Sanchez wearing Chrissie by Tail at the Grand Slam Championships like at Wimbledon this year! I hope down the road I can work with more WTA players, but my focus right now is the mom or woman who wants to look and feel good!

Sanchez Wimbledon
Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez wearing Chrissie by Tail at Wimbledon 2016

Can you tell us something about your latest Fall Imperial Purple Collection?

I love the Imperial Purple Collection and the Lavette Dress is my favorite outfit from it, since it looks good on everyone! The Imperial Purple collection is a runway-inspired collection with a bold palette and a captivating volley print that has a sporty fabric with power mesh, cut out details and pleating techniques. Looking fashionable on the court has always been important to me and I love being able to share this with other women now with Chrissie by Tail!


  1. As an older woman player, I love the fact that these designs come in a variety of sizes. So often we tell women they need to make more of an effort to be fit but deny cute clothes to those women who are larger or have rounder bodies. The clothes look beautiful (definitely on my to buy list) and it’s wonderful that they will be available to so many women.

  2. There is a good market out there for league tennis wear for women. I play in a USTA league, and even though us guys just wear “whatever”, the ladies are very serious about their attire, no matter what level of play. I have seen some teams well coordinated and wearing the Venus Williams EleVen line. Chris Evert’s “Chrissie by tail” would market well, especially from name recognition.


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