Meeting WTB’s readers: Tell me about yourself!

Are you in this photo? 🙂

Women’s Tennis Blog has been around for ten years already and the driving force behind this longevity are you, dear reader! Some of you like to be active in the comments section, so there’s a handful of readers that I know really well, but I know that there’s a vast majority of you who simply don’t have the habit of leaving comments, so now I’d really encourage you to break that habit at least for a minute and tell us something about yourself, so that the community here can get to know each other. It will be so much fun!

Can I see you here? 🙂

I actually did organize this type of “meetup” once, back in 2009, and I was astonished by the responses. Almost 50 readers joined in and the variety of people and their relation to tennis is stunning. It was such a fulfilling experience to read all the stories about WTB’s readers, why they love tennis, what drew them to WTB, where they live, what they do in life, etc. Knowing that the 2009 survey was a big success, I’m excited to see the readership status in 2017. I know some readers have been with me through all these years, but even if you introduced yourself in the 2009 article, please do so again. Also, even if I know you well, please leave a comment, so that others can hear about you.

Maybe I can see you here?

So, here are a few things I’d like to know about you (of course, you’re free to write whatever you like to describe yourself!):

  • How and when did you discover WTB?
  • When did you become a tennis fan?
  • Do you play tennis?
  • Who are your favorite WTA players?
  • Where are you from?
  • What’s your approximate age?
  • What do you do for a living?
Are you one of tennis fans from Japan?

Don’t be shy and join the conversation!

Last but not least, I’m thanking our regular reader and commenter Jim for asking me to do this type of post.




  1. Emily Austin, thanks for being the first to comment! As you know, I’m a huge fan of your jewelry and I’m looking forward to more projects with you in the future. You should’ve mentioned that you’re from Arizona, that you create tennis-inspired crystal jewelry and that you play tennis regularly. I hope you don’t mind me adding that 🙂

  2. How and when did you discover WTB?
    When did you become a tennis fan? Age 7
    Do you play tennis? yes
    Who are your favorite WTA players? Serena, Cibulkova, Muguruza,
    Where are you from? Sarasota, FL
    What’s your approximate age? 70
    What do you do for a living? editor/writer

  3. Hey Marija,

    happy birthday to Women’s Tennis Blog. Your go-to- website for everything women’s tennis.

    A long time ago, one of my dear friends Erwin, told me that there was a blog out there that only covered women’s tennis. And he added to it that it was run by one of the nicest people he has ever met on the internet. I I think that was around 2007 or 2008. I met Marija soon after that, on the interwebs. Not in real life. Though that may happen some day. I wouldn’t rule that out.

    Meeting Marija on the web was a lot of fun. I remember her first videos and interviews. And the way she shied away when asking her about them. Ok, I’ll admit, I was teasing with her haha! Great memories!

    I have been a tennis fan since the age of Becker, Edberg, Lendl, Sabbatini and Graf. So that’s well into the 1980s. Later when the internet was more accessible and tools were created by companies to create and maintain your own website, I soon started one with my friend Etienne. And the internet really did make everything accesible and with so much information on tennis available I became an even bigger fan of the sport.

    Sadly, I do not play tennis anymore. I just like to follow it and / or write about it when I feel like it. Or when I have the time. But maybe some day. I just got a good new racket from Wilson so who knows haha!

    My favorite tennis players, they don’t play anymore. But it was Martina Hingis, her game was incredibly complete. She only lacked power. But what she lacked in power she made up in finesse. There is a reason why she is the number 1 doubles player. Who else did I like a lot? Jennifer Capriati. Her prowess and brawn were unmatched. Sure she fell of the bandwagon a few times. But when she came back, she really came back haha. It is too bad that she had to retire the way she did. Would have loved to see her kick some more ass and maybe win another Grand Slam.

    From the current generation of players, my favorite one is Agnieszka Radwanska, she has an incredible technique and her backhand smash is beautiful. A work of art! Oh I can name so many players. But then i’d take up all of Marija’s bandwidth 😉

    You really made something amazing here Marija. I hope for another 10 years of your wonderful blog! 😀

  4. First of all 10 years is a very big achievement. So congrats Marija!!! some of your readers may know me as the annoying person who comments on your every post ( haha 😛 ) But since you’ve made interesting questions to know us all better, I’d like to answer them first
    – I very clearly remember this. It was 2010 Aussie summer season. Sharapova debuted her fabulous green dress and I wanted to see more of it So I googled about it and then your blog came up. Even though that was my first time reading your blog, I didn’t become serious reader right away. After few days I think she wore something like yellow and green outfit at IW I think and i wanted to look it up again but instead found cute Ana’s childhood pics (more about her later 😀 ) and then ended up spending about 2 more hours reading articles on your blog ( I still do that sometimes 😀 ) I’ve been a silent reader like many of your readers ( I’m very shy believe it or not even when I’m sitting behind my laptop I’m not socially awkward though just want to add that lol) but atlast found courage to write a comment ( Don’t remember my first 🙁 ) and then ever since you know the rest 😀
    uh oh it’s already a lengthy comment isn’t it
    – When have I become a tennis fan? Tough question. First time I came in contact with pro tennis was when my dad took me to Sania mirza vs Sharapova match at USO . Even though I’ve played tennis before, I’ve never really followed the game. But I started following sania (my parents are from same state as her and when I was very young, I lived in her hometown so indian-indian connection ) But after being disappointed with her singles results, I turned my attention to Federer and as you all may have expected, fell in love with his game (not tennis yet!!) But around 2007, again at Aus open there was lot of fuss about a returning Serena williams facing then world no 1 Maria and she went on to absolutely destroy Maria. At that point I wondered if world no 1 was thrashed like that in a grand slam final, is there anyone in wta who could even take her to 3 sets. But then came Justine Henin (to answer your other question, my fav female tennis player of all time) . She didn’t have muscles that serena had. She doesn’t have the height sharapova had. All she had was her tennis, her determination and most importantly her fighting spirit. She went on to deny williams a chance to win another slam at all of the majors that year. But again at the same time came a cute, young a very shy (relatable to me haha) girl from a small country in eastern europe with her Ajde’s and Idemo’s skipping around the ground, forehands powerful than a nuclear bomb and before I knew it, I fell in love with her and Tennis in general.
    – I do play tennis but my backhands can make Ana’s backhand look like a great weapon lol
    – My fav wta tennis players Justine, Ana, Petra, Garbi, venus. I have a love and hate relationship with serena and maria and was also a fan of chakvetadze ( I can’t believe I can spell it even after all these years) and Vaidisova.
    – I was born in India, but like Maria, Moved to US (New york) when I was a 7 year old
    – I’m 22 and am currently pursuing masters degree in electrical engineering but I’m also greatly interested in History, Geo politics, and of course tennis fashion
    I hope I didn’t bore you guys and I look forward to reading all of your comments

  5. Marija, congrats on 10 years, you must be very proud of yourself for this. I have been reading the blog since the very beginning or very nearly the beginning. I actually was traveling through India in 2006 when I started watching the Semi’s of the US Open at the time. JJ’s match against Henin really got me interested in the sport, and Maria’s match started driving the my interest in tennis, but I do have to say that the match that gave me the bug was at a different tourney all together. Some of you who have followed tennis for a while know that they have done some tournaments in India. The Kolkota tourney for that year I watched every match from that I could. The second round clash between Olga Puchkova and Nicole Pratt, is the one that hooked me. It was a very good match and both players played well. I maintain to this day that my favorite player is Puchkova, but JJ is a close second. Sania Mirza is also one of my favorite players.

    When it comes to playing tennis, I sadly don’t have any friends that play tennis, and I did get lessons the following summer on how to play. I have way too much power when it comes to playing tennis and the only time I play is electronically.

    I have already stated that some of my favorite players are Olga Puchkova, JJ, and Mirza. Other players I enjoy watching are Cristea, Halep, and Puig. I like Mattek-Sands mainly because she is from Minnesota. My Home state. Minnesota doesn’t really have many famous people and Minnesota lost our royalty earlier this year. I bow my head in to remember our one true Prince.
    I am from Minnesota, USA. Just before xmas I finished my degree from university for Business Administration. I turn 30 May around the time of Roland Garros. Of the moment I work in supermarket in the produce section.

    Once again Marija, thank you for doing this wonderful blog, I have enjoyed reading it for the last 10 years and will continue to enjoy reading the blog.

  6. Congratulations on ten years of your fabulous blog Marija! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you better even though you are on the other side of the world! Hopefully one day out paths will cross. My favorite article about my tennis jewelry was written by you as you are a very gifted writer! I love the photo of you wearing the big pink tennis necklace. I’m so happy that our love for jewelry and tennis have brought us together! I always enjoy reading your blog! I also look forward to continuing our special relationship! We will have to do another promotion for your followers! Wishing you continued success with “Women’s Tennis Blog!”

  7. Dear Marija, congratulations on WTB’s 10th year anniversary *throwing confetti* I think you could be one of the very few longest running tennis blogs around. Kudos to your contributions, diligence and commitment in bringing women tennis news to everyone. I think that was really important because we need a lot of online coverage especially like 5 years or a decade ago where a one-stop women tennis news are so rare.

    How and when did you discover WTB? I have always been a tennis fan and have picked up blogging in 2004. I’ve been doing a lot of online search looking for tennis blogs but there weren’t so many at that time and WTB was one of them. And I’ve started following ever since 🙂

    When did you become a tennis fan?
    I watched a lot of tennis when I was young. From Boris Becker to Ivan Lendle, then there was Pete Sampras whom I love a lot. Then came Rafael Nadal whom I love his playing style as compared to Roger Federer.

    Do you play tennis?
    To be honest, I don’t. I have tried but I’m just not good with it. It’s really a tough sport.

    Who are your favorite WTA players?
    I have a lot of favourite players. From Serena Williams to Maria Sharapova. But my current favourite player is Garbine Muguruza.

    Where are you from?
    I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    What’s your approximate age?
    I’m going to be 41 this year!

    What do you do for a living?
    I’ve been doing different things. In the previous job, I was a social media manager because of my experience in tennis blogging. Currently I’m working in a science centre in the learning innovation department.

    Once again, congratulations Marija on your consistency and contributions. All the best and many more years to go for WTB! 🙂

  8. Congrats WTB!!! 🙂

    How and when did you discover WTB?
    Can’t remember at all but obviously years ago.

    When did you become a tennis fan?
    Since Henin beat Sharapova at WTA Final 2007.

    Do you play tennis?
    During my high school and college. 2004-2007.

    Who are your favorite WTA players?
    Henin at first but change to Ana after watching her beats Venus during AO 2008. But now Ana has retired, I don’t have any specific favorite for the active player.

    Where are you from?

    What’s your approximate age?
    28 this year.

    What do you do for a living?
    Doing business with my sister. We have a restaurant together. 🙂

  9. How and when did you discover WTB?

    I discovered WTB through the fashion retrospection posts. I really love Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova so I regularly search for their Grand Slam looks. I have been a reader for a long time but I became active few years back when I started to leave comments and join some contests.

    When did you become a tennis fan?

    Since when I was a child. Pete Sampras, Monica Seles and Steffi Graf are some of my childhood heroes.

    Do you play tennis?

    Yes I do. I play in the Philippine Tennis Association (PHILTA) sanctioned event starting last year. I also play regularly time permits. My dream is to play international tournaments and to win a trophy!

    Who are your favorite WTA players?

    Ana Ivanovic would be on top of my list. She was my hero, my idol and my inspiration. I really see a lot of myself on her. She’s far more beyond beauty and charms. She’s beautiful inside and out. She has talents and skills to become to best.

    Where are you from?

    I’m from the Philippines. I think I’m one of the most active readers in Asia.

    What’s your approximate age?

    I’m 27 now.

    What do you do for a living?

    I studied pharmacy and I passed the licensure exam. I’m a licensed pharmacist. I’m also a scientist involved in Molecular Medicine. Recently, I have launched my own website and company –

    I was so inspired by this blog and I’m so happy that Marija is one of the first subscribers. I really hope we can collaborate and meet soon. Marija, you have inspired a lot of readers and thank you for your patience in delivering wonderful articles. With the help of Jimmie, you deliver world class tennis photos. I hope I can feature tournament backstage access soon. Been wanting to do that!

  10. Such wonderful comments! Thank you all for taking your time to write such long responses! It’s so rewarding to hear your appreciation of my dedication to WTB and also to get to know you better. WTB apparently has readers of all backgrounds and ages, that’s wonderful!

    I have to clarify one thing. When I wrote that WTB has been around for 10 years, I didn’t imply that this is an anniversary. The actual 10th birthday of WTB is on March 31st, 2017.

    Emily Austin, I’d love to award my readers with your racquet jewelry designs for the official WTB birthday on March 31st. We’ll get in touch regarding that when the time comes! 🙂

  11. Hello Marija and all the WTB fans 🙂
    Anniversary or not, congrats on 10 years of your blog’s existence, you’re doing an amazing job! (and 10 years for a blog, wow!).

    Tennis was always present in my live, since both my parents played it. But I’ve never played when I was younger, because I was playing piano and those careers are not compatible. But about six years ago, when I left piano behind me, I started playing tennis. So yes, I play and I am completely nuts about it.
    Very quickly after I started playing, it became a true passion and I started watching tennis all the time and searching the internet for informations about players. And I somehow found your blog and didn’t left it ever since.

    I’m from Poland, close to Warsaw, but I live in Paris (and I’ve been living here for 11 years now, which is more than 1/3 of my life, since I’m 31).

    My favorite player is Aga Radwanska (partially out of some local patriotism, especialy now, because off season she lives and trains in Warsaw and she trains in the same club where my parents play 🙂 But I also like her game, all those beautiful shots that most players today don’t use). But I also like Kvitova, Halep, Serena.

    As for me, I’m doing (finishing, hopefully) my thesis in art history and working in an art gallery in Paris. So if anyone is searching for a painting or something, you know who you can call 🙂 Same if you’re searching for a hitting partner in Paris 🙂

  12. How and when did you discover WTB? I don’t know but I think by Facebook

    When did you become a tennis fan? In 1990 during the Seles-Graf rivalry ! I became quick a Monica Seles fan : she has always been my early teen favorite ! ’till Martina Hingis came but that was an immense love at my side : I even have loads of football shirts with her name on : it may look like silly but I loved to print my favorite football club shirts with her name on ( mostly Chelsea FC and KV Kortrijk ) : 16 ? Why ? I discovered her when she was 16 years old, she became n°1 in the world when she was 16 and won her 1st GS when she was 16 ( Australian Open ). The number 16 was the number I chose when printing football shirt with her name on… I remember the famous day at the French Open 1999 : when Martina Hingis go booed and lost the final to the irony Steffi Graf : her again : I didn’t let her down and instead of what many would do if your fave gets booed : my love for her couldn’t become more stronger !

    Do you play tennis? I tried but anyway my kneecaps are so unstable that after another kneecap dislocation and also the fact I lost half of the cartilage of my left knee and loads of blood : it was clear for me that sport except swimming, cycling and “bodybuilding” : everything was over for me as a specialist of kneecap dislocations : I don’t count anymore how much I’ve got in my life : everything that was dangerous for my knees : I had to stop ! Bye, bye football, tennis and many other sports ! Anyway I was a disaster at keeping the ball between the lines on the court and I couldn’t serve ! When your kneecaps say NO : you have no choice but to stop !

    Who are your favorite WTA players? Less and less : I had loads but I still have a major crush : Lucie Safarova ! I would say also Caroline Wozniacki and Victoria Azarenka !

    Where are you from? Henin’s, Clijsters’s, Appelmans’s, Goffin’s , etc. land or the land of beer and chocolate : Belgium

    What’s your approximate age? I’m 36 years old and turing 37 next 8th of may.

    What do you do for a living? I would love to work as pro photographer in the sports world ! I’m very, very passionate about tennis and I would love making it my work : tennis photographer ! I’m not doing it for fame : that’s not my goal ! My goal will be to please people with the pictures I would take ! Passion above grades or whatever your diploma is ! And I’ve something I refuse to use : Photoshop or any retouching programs as I think it’s cheating ! I need a stabilisator because I’m prone to shaking but except that : every of my pictures are natural ! All my pictures are on my Facebook profile ! What I can guarantee you : having 100% natural pictures ! I know I have to improve my skills but that’s not with staying an amateur : I’m going to achieve that !

    I would like to tell much more but I don’t want to bore you with stupid stories !

  13. Hello fellow WTB readers and dear Marija 🙂

    Hearty felicitations on the 10 year milestone – a big BIG testament to Marija’s and her fellow contributors’ commitment, consistency and content.

    I am Kartik, from India, and have been regular on WTB for a decade now (!!)

    I used to play badminton, not tennis – but interestingly have been following tennis as far as spectating goes. After hanging up my badminton racket, I continued to read about tennis (watching is only limited to highlights as taking time to watch became more and more difficult)

    I have been an avid tennis fan since Edberg/Becker/Graf/Sabatini days (I was in school that time and we used to debate a lot about who was better – hehe) and this continued beyond to Sampras/Agassi/Hingis/Williams. Then came a lull in men’s tennis (became extremely insipid until Federer and Nadal arrived) and women’s tennis picked up where everyone could suddenly beat everyone – and this was when I stumbled upon blogs and began subscribing to tennis blog feeds.

    One fine day my Atom/RSS reader software (Google Reader at the time) popped up with a suggestion based on my reading habits that there is a new blog called Women’s Tennis Blog – I visited it, liked the simple layout and content (only one or 2 posts at that time) and immediately subscribed – and have remained since and read every single post that has come, (thanks to feeds – I rarely miss out 🙂 ). I found the articles unpretentious and straight from the heart – and of course welcome insights into the players’ childhood life and how they built their careers – all this had me staying consistently subscribed and sometimes even participating with comments (not-so-consistent on my part). I do not follow the fashion posts much, but I do scan through all and sometimes pull Marija’s leg on occasional gaffes 😉 . However, I enjoy the ranking prediction every year and laughing a lot at how wrong I am every single time – hehehe.

    I am a software developer and 40 years old. Over time Marija and I have become friends, even inviting each other to our respective weddings but somehow neither of us has managed to meet the other – hopefully that shall change soon 🙂

    I continue to be a well-wisher and subscriber – I wish Marija and the WTB community the very best! 🙂

    Love all,


  14. Thank you Marija. It was really an honor to host you this year and finally get to meet you in person!!

    How and when did you discover WTB? It was about 9 years ago when I first saw the blog online.

    When did you become a tennis fan? About 15 years ago, a friend took me to the women’s tournament at La Costa, probably the nicest venue ever.

    Do you play tennis? Not any more, but I played for fun for many years and hit with Arthur Ashe while stationed with him in the US Army in 1967, the year before he won the first US Open.

    Who are your favorite WTA players? This answer could get me in trouble with my friends on the tour if I forget any. Mary Pierce was my first then Maria then Safina. Anna C, Flavia, Kim, and Elena are retired. I was in the player box last week in Brisbane for Domi, Svetlana and Elina. Olga, Alla, Sesil, Darija, Liuda, Nadiia, Anastasia, Gaby, Yuliya, Michelle, Katerina, Margarita, Vitalia, Andreja, Monica and Galena are friends. I think Kayla Day is the best teen player and predict she will become a big star.

    Where are you from? Carlisle, Pennsylvania. For the past 34 years I have lived in Naples, Florida, USA

    What’s your approximate age? 72

    What do you do for a living? International Tax Accounting. My clients include pro tennis players, coaches, umpires, pro soccer players, movie execs and actors as well as business leaders and investors.

    Thanks again Marija, John Bolan

  15. Congrats on WTB’s 10th year! If I remember correctly, I found this blog when I followed a link to one of your “WTA players when they were kids” pictures. 🙂

    ~Greetings from the Philippines

  16. How and when did you discover WTB? A long time ago in a galaxy far away…
    When did you become a tennis fan? Not long after leaving the womb, though there is no history of tennis in my family. I remember seeing Becker v Edberg as a kid, and Pat Cash winning Wimbledon.
    Do you play tennis? Haven’t played for years and keep meaning to pick up the racket again.
    Who are your favorite WTA players? Too many to mention and too many friends would be insulted if I forgot to list them.
    Where are you from? UK
    What’s your approximate age? 30-ish
    What do you do for a living? I write and I talk on the radio

  17. How and when did you discover WTB? not sure
    When did you become a tennis fan? When I was young I lived in London and I was home sick from work and Wimbledon was on TV and I watched a lot of it and that was when I got interested.
    Do you play tennis? I played as a child and teenager and intermittently ever since, although I have had some trouble with my shoulders which has meant I haven’t played much recently. I have always really enjoyed playing tennis although I never played consistently or practised enough to be very good. I got together with my husband through tennis and also a previous boyfriend!
    Who are your favourite WTA players? I don’t really have favourites. I am interested in the Australian players because I know more about them. I am also interested in players if they seem like nice, genuine and /or intelligent people. I am less keen on the people who seem arrogant or who receive a lot of attention just because they are good-looking. For example in a match between Svetlana Kuznetsova and Eugenie Bouchard or Maria Sharapova, I’d be supporting Sveta hands down. In terms of the actual tennis, it is more interesting to watch a player with variety in their game.
    Where are you from? Australia
    What is your approximate age: old
    What do you do for a living? writer/editor/designer

  18. hi Marija Zivlak…its nice to receive your emails everyday.I like to read about my favorite players.
    following are the answers to your questions

    1)i discovered WTB last year in month of June.i just typed your name in search bar and i found out this site.i immediately subscribed to your blog
    2)when i saw MARION BARTOLI winning the CHAMPIONSHIPS ,i was instantly attracted to tennis ,especially women’s tennis
    3)no,i don’t play tennis
    4)all female players are my favorite ..
    5)Iam from INDIA
    7)Iam a student of Humanities ..iam still studying

  19. How and when did you discover WTB?
    While reading one of your contributions for the wha website, I got curious and started reading this blog (and haven’t stopped since!)

    When did you become a tennis fan?
    Everyone in my family plays from my mom to my to grandparents and my cousins. So tennis has always been a big part of my life, but I only started really becoming a fan when I was about 10 years old.

    Do you play tennis?
    Yes, I started playing when I was 3 years old and I absolutely love the sport. I recently started playing in tournaments (and having a ranking) and that made my love and passion for the sport grow even more.

    Who are your favorite WTA players?
    My favourite WTA players are Belinda Bencic, Ana Ivanovic, Maria Sharapova and Ajla Tomljanovic.

    Where are you from?
    I am from Switzerland.

    What’s your approximate age?
    Under 18

  20. Hi everyone!

    How and when did you discover WTB? I discovered WTB probably in 2014 by searching for posts about tennis fashion.
    When did you become a tennis fan? I became a tennis fan during ’97 Wimbledon as Malavai Washington made his run to the men’should final
    Do you play tennis? I am not much of an athlete so I don’t play
    Who are your favorite WTA players? Williams sisters
    Where are you from? Atlanta, GA USA
    What’s your approximate age? 38
    What do you do for a living? Insurance Adjuster

  21. Artists, restaurant owners, writers, insurance adjusters, tax accountants, software developers, we have it all here at WTB! 🙂 Also, there are new readers and those that have been following the blog since its first/second post (WOW, thanks Kartik)! We also have John Bolan, who even had a hit with legendary Arthur Ashe himself!

    I hope many more people will join and tell us something about themselves.

  22. Sorry for such a late post to this blog, Marija.

    How and when did you discover WTB?
    I stumbled upon WTB by doing a google search for childhood pics of my fave tennis player Li Na in June of 2012…here is my first comment and your admonishment in return to me in the blog entitled, “Little Li Na posing in bell-bottoms”

    Jim June 13, 2012 at 12:43 am

    I am such a fan of Li Na, Jim Furyk, and LaDainian Tomlinson. Whaaaatttt! Can anybody find Furyk’s childhood photo?
    Marija Post authorJune 13, 2012 at 9:02 am

    Jim, here you can find photos only of women’s tennis players.

    I became a tennis fan in high school with the help of a friend I still play tennis and golf with to this day. That was in 1977, and also was a big fan of John McEnroe and Arthur Ashe.

    I still play some USTA league tennis at the 4.0 level and love singles but will play some mixed and mens doubles if forced too!

    My fave WTA player is of course Li Na,2 luv Serena as well..but now rooting for Garbi Muguruza since Li is retired.

    I was born and raised and still live in Fort Worth, Texas..(do not own a cowboy hat, boots or a gun!)

    I am a young 58 yrs a lot of golf and tennis..and when I am not playing I am a veterinarian who mostly treats dogs and cats.

  23. I discovered WTB over the internet. I was just searching for different tennis blogs out there and found your blog. Eversince I have been a regular visitor, when I say regular daily and multiple times. Haha I must say I am a WTB addict.

    I started loving tennis when I watched Novak played Federer in the 4th Round of 2007 AO. Since then I kept myself updated with every match Novak played. I was amazed by his story and how he become successful and one of the best. Because of my liking to Djokovic, I have been an avid fan of Serbian Tennis. I am very proud of all their successes provided that they were practicing in an empty swimming pool and during the war in Serbia. I admire everything they achieved. Because of that my fave WTA tennis players are Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Jankovic. I love their story (as mentioned earlier) and the drama. LOL So when Ana announced her retirement I was devastated, probably because I did not see it coming. Anyway, I want to keep going but I guess you and everyone might get bored. HAHA I also like watching Angie Kerber and Muguruza.

    Lastly, I don’t play tennis, I just like watching. I am 31 years old and currently working as a Lead Specialist for an American Engineering and Technology Company. I am based here in Manila, Philippines.

    To everyone, God Bless and Have a great day! 🙂

  24. Ozzie, hence you also like to read a Serbian blogger’s tennis blog 🙂 And just so you know, there have been many Filipinos reading WTB 🙂

  25. that’s awesome. Will be very glad to know them. 🙂

    Marija, I think I’m Serbian during my past life… haha just kidding. But I admire all Serbs. 🙂

  26. It’s in my bucket list. Hopefully someday. I’ll let you know so you can tour me around the city. I will need a tour guide. 🙂


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