OTZ EcoGRIP wins Best Tennis Overgrip Award for 2016


This post is sponsored by Women’s Tennis Blog’s long-time partner Own the Zone, famous for their EcoGrip, world’s first biodegradable overgrip for tennis, and colorful OTZ band vibration dampeners made of polymer.


Own the Zone (OTZ) EcoGRIP® received the Gold Award for Best Tennis Overgrip in 2016. Thoroughly Reviewed independently tested OTZ EcoGRIP against 14 other leading tennis overgrips and EcoGRIP edged out HEAD and TournaGrip to take the top spot.

The review noted that EcoGrip has a superior feel, is very durable and features excellent sweat absorption along with a no-slip grip.

“It’s great to be recognized as one of the best overgrips in the world,” said Dave Marcus, Co-President of Own the Zone Sporting Goods LLC (OTZ). “Many pro and recreational tennis players play with EcoGrip, because they love its performance and it’s the only biodegradable tennis grip on the market. They know they can change out the grip and it will safely biodegrade in less than a year.”

OTZ sells top performance Hi-Tac, Smooth, Pro and Dry eco-friendly overgrips.

“Our most popular is the Hi-Tac,” said Julius Stockfish, Co-President of OTZ. “It offers supreme performance in warm climates and to players whose hands tend to perspire a lot. Hi-Tac gives players great value for their money, because it retains its tackiness three times longer than any overgrip on the market.”

Annie Rockwell, esteemed pro at the Bally Hotel in Las Vegas says: “I only play with Hi-Tac. It’s simply the best! For three years I am recommending Hi-Tac to tennis players from all around the world. They love the idea that they can win on and off the court with EcoGRIP.”

EcoGRIP can be purchased online at http://www.ecogripzone.com/product-category/ecogrip-products/

Own the Zone has been in business since 2006, when it first introduced the colorful OTZ band vibration dampener to the tennis market. The very popular OTZ band vibration dampeners are already recognized as the “best in class” dampener on the market for tennis racquets. OTZ Band Dampeners can be found online at http://www.ecogripzone.com/product-category/otz-products/



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