Kvitova hints possible comeback at Roland Garros


Four months after suffering a career-threatening hand injury when a burglar attacked her in her apartment in the Czech Republic, always-positive and brave Petra Kvitova shared with us encouraging news that she’ll be on the entry list for Roland Garros. After the shocking incident in December, it was said that Kvitova would need at least six months to heal, but the recovery seems to be progressing faster than planned, although the comeback in Paris is still far from certain.

The 27-year-old told us on Instagram:

I wanted to provide a quick (and hopefully positive) update for you. My name will appear on the entry list for Roland Garros tomorrow because, as the entry deadline approached, I had made good progress in my recovery process and I want to give myself every last opportunity to be able to compete at one of my favourite events. This unfortunately does not mean necessarily that I will be ready to play in Paris, but that I’m doing everything possible to give myself the chance and keep a positive mindset. There remains a long road ahead, but I wanted to share this update with you. Thanks for your continued support and I hope to see you soon, Petra

I’m so glad to hear that Kvitova’s healing process is going well, although I doubt she’ll be fit enough for Roland Garros which begins on May 28th. I hope Kvitova and her strength will prove me wrong and I’m looking forward to seeing her play as soon as possible!


  1. I can’t wait either to see her back on court and competing again but I do hope that she does not rush it. I highly doubt she’ll be available in RG.

  2. It was a robbed opportunity for her. If she hadn’t had that incident, she’ll already be a top 10 fixture now. She might even be contending for the slams again. She’ll be back soon. I hope she recovers well enough before the event. Let’s all pray for her speedy recovery. She’s a great champion and a very humble person. One of the nicest person on tour.


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