Tianjin Open photos: Sharapova beats Sabalenka in the final


My photographer Jimmie48 is already on his way to Singapore, so the photos from the Tianjin Open final are coming in a bit late. Maria Sharapova today climbed 29 spots in the WTA rankings, from No.86 to No.57, by virtue of defeating Aryna Sabalenka in the Tianjin title match, 7-5 7-6(8). Enjoy our photo coverage from the last day of the Chinese tournament!



  1. But I completely agree with Gio Muratore, and I truly do not understand why there is such focus on this drug cheating person in this blog, and so much sucking up elsewhere. OK, she has done her (reduced!) ban but there is no need for facilitating her return further. She does NOT deserve it! Worked hard, how??? It’s not like she has been injured or anything like that. Let her compete like everybody else, from the bottom and up.

  2. This makes me ill. Literally, I feel unwell when I read about Sugarpova because she is like a disease to the other players and the fans of competitive women’s tennis.

  3. People…we get your disappointment and your confusion to understand why life has to go on, okay!?…First month, make sense…two months, still make sense….four months, getting annoying….. seven months, I think you guys need a life……Your comments are getting old and irrelevant.. and please stop having a judging mentality cause however you judge someone, it will be judged back unto you….


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