Women’s Tennis Blog joins WTA baby boom!


You may have noticed a ten-day break on Women’s Tennis Blog and now I’m happy to share with you the reason for it: I’ve become a proud mom to a healthy baby boy named Filip.

Me holding Filip for the first time

Filip was born in the afternoon on November 14th, weighing 3680 g (8 lb 2 oz), while we arrived home on November 22nd. You see, I had a good reason for failing to cover Serena Williams’ wedding and other news in the period. 🙂

As you know, newborns are very demanding and moms get little sleep, but I can tell you that I feel great and even though I sleep only a few hours a day, I don’t feel tired, so I believe I’ll be able to resume writing WTB as usual, especially now that it’s off-season.

Filip’s first photo at home

How cool it is that I gave birth to my first child in this period of women’s tennis baby boom! 🙂 Serena Williams has recently become a mom, Jarmila Wolfe gave birth to daughter Natalia just three days before me, while yesterday we got the confirmation of Ana Ivanovic’s pregnancy.


  1. What a precious adorable baby boy! You are gonna be the best mom in the world. He’s lucky to have such a smart and caring mother like you. Good Luck with Filip, and hope he grows up to be a great person like his mother and father. Maybe a future tennis star too?

  2. Omg, congratulation Marija. Maybe one day Filip can be future #1 ATP, hope you can introduce him to tennis as soon as he can grab junior racket 🙂

    Always a fan of your blog…

  3. Thank you everyone for nice wishes! I will not disappoint you this off-season and I will not skip my annual fashion retrospections 🙂

  4. Congrats on the baby. Take the time you need to focus on the little bundle of sunshine. I also weighted that much when I was born. Future tennis star in the making.

  5. P!nky, you were also a big baby boy 🙂

    Francisco, maybe Filip will start his blog about men’s tennis fashion 🙂

    Michaela, thank you!


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