Fahion update: Sloane Stephens leaves Under Armour for NikeCourt

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We’ve had so many clothing sponsor changes at the start of the 2018 season that it’s hard to even take note and the latest one is the news that Sloane Stephens, who won the 2017 US Open wearing Under Armour, is now officially endorsing NikeCourt.

The American world No.13 announced the news on Twitter, posting the above pic and saying:

I am so excited to share with you all that I have officially joined the NikeCourt family!!!

The 24-year-old Sloane will officially launch her cooperation with Nike at the upcoming Sydney International, a Premier-level tournament she’ll play for the first time.

I’m not sure what to think about this clothing sponsor switch. I don’t doubt that Sloane will look great in NikeCourt, but now she’s just one of a slew of players wearing Swoosh, while she was unique with Under Armour and they always made dresses that beautifully complemented both her physique and her complexion. Look at these two examples from 2017. What’s your take on this WTA fashion update?


  1. I think Sloane did look great in everything she wore from Under Armour especially the latest dresses which saw her win her first grand slam. I do think she made a great choice by using her now Grand Slam Credibility and signing to one of the biggest and most successful clothing companies in the world. Also, Under Armour had been thinking about leaving the tennis world because of low income so I think she’s better off changing now before they took that drastic decision and she is left with No Sponsor.

  2. Nathan C, I didn’t know that Under Armour has been considering to leave tennis. I don’t think that’s a smart move, rather, they should have invested more in their advertising and distribution. Even though Sloane was an excellent promoter of their dresses, when I searched for them online, I could hardly ever find them. So, they paid Sloane to endorse them, but then when people wanted to buy their dresses, they weren’t widely available. Something like the story of Monica Puig and Ellesse.

  3. I agree that Sloane looked absolutely fabulous in the Under Armour dresses, an hate to see her joining the overabundance of the swoosh! Andy Murray was also under the Under Armour contract, so if what Nathan says is true he may be looking for new dregs. If its true, too bad that UA is dropping tennis. I guess in terms of individual sports they are just sticking with mens golf and Jordan Spieth (who IMHO is the most boring “athlete” on the planet!)

  4. Nathan C, thanks for sharing the source. I wouldn’t be surprised if they left tennis, but as I say, I don’t think the problem is in tennis, rather in the way they did management and distribution in the sport.

  5. Thanks, Nathan..very informative read. Tennis always gets a bad rap, especially here in the USA quite frankly because it’s perceived here as a “wussy”, wimpy or a woman’s sport. The popularity of violent sports like American football, Ice hockey, and MMA and UFC are at an all time high here, and it really says something about the subculture over here. So, as a”business” decision UA puts all its eggs in these sports. Oh yeah they are still doling out a $20 million endorsement contract to golfer Jordan Spieth (a complete waste of money IMHO), because well golf, a nonviolent sport at least is considered primarily a man’s activity. Golf is not really doing too well ratings wise over here ever since the fall of one Tiger Woods. And many golf courses here have lost money over the past 10 years and many are closing down. I agree with Marija, that UA should look within at their own mismanagement issues first and foremost.


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