Pregnant Sania Mirza makes tennis comeback a priority


Motherhood and successful tennis career seem to go hand-in-hand in today’s world. Even though pregnancy takes a big toll on women’s body, WTA players are so strong and determined that they make post-pregnancy professional sport look like a breeze. Sania Mirza is the latest tennis player to have a goal to come back after giving birth and continue where she left off.

In a recent interview for Indian news service IANS, the pregnant 31-year-old former doubles No.1, who is due to deliver her first child in October 2018, said that returning to tennis is a priority and that she expects pregnancy to empower her and not hold her back. When asked about her prospects of playing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Mirza said that it looks very doable at this moment, but she’s aware that it’s hard to predict so much in advance as life can change directions very quickly.

Even though she hasn’t played since mid-October 2017 because of a knee injury, Mirza’s ambition and character shine through her statements about post-pregnancy goals:

Of course, my kid is very important in my life right now, but after that, I would like to come back to playing because it’s an example I’d like to set for my kid as well that you don’t give up on your dreams just because you’re pregnant. I am young enough to come back and still play and be the best that I can be.

I’m wishing Mirza an enjoyable pregnancy, a healthy baby, and when the time for her comeback comes, she’ll have a lot of moms on tour to share with her tips and tricks of merging motherhood and pro tennis career.


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