Nicole Vaidisova and Radek Stepanek MARRY AGAIN!


First we were surprised to see Nicole Vaidisova and her ex-husband Radek Stepanek reunited and expecting a baby, but the Czech couple is now serving us a new surprise — they decided to make their revived relationship official by marrying again on May 25th!

Both Nicole and Radek posted the above photo on Instagram, saying:

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite. 25.5.2018 #Wedo

I never believed in fixing broken relationships, but this love story stole my heart with its awkwardness lol. What I like about Nicole and Radek is that they just don’t care about what other people think and the 29-year-old’s black wedding gown only confirms that she likes to set her own rules.

Radek was first the fiancé of Martina Hingis, then after breaking off that engagement, he started dating 18-year-old Nicole in late 2007, who is 11 years younger than him and was at that time one of the biggest prospects in the WTA world, then they married in 2010, only to divorce just three years later and Radek promptly found yet another high-profile WTA girlfriend in Petra Kvitova. After breaking up with Kvitova in 2014, we thought that Radek was done dating tennis players (actually, he thought that as well!), but in March this year he shocked us by announcing baby news with his ex-wife Nicole Vaidisova. Let’s just say I hope that this is the happy end of the Czech tennis soap opera!

As we can see by Nicole’s recent photo on Instagram, the baby will arrive very soon! Oh my, this kid will have a really good “how I came into this world” story.

I’m glad to add the first remarriage to my WTA Players and their Love Partners page!


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