Reunited Nicole Vaidisova and Radek Stepanek expecting a baby!


Nicole Vaidisova and her ex-husband (oops!) Radek Stepanek are about to become parents! The mom-to-be shared the unexpected news on Instagram, shocking us not by the fact that she’s pregnant, but by the fact that the daddy is Radek, whom she divorced in 2013 and denied the rumors of dating him again in 2016, even though Radek himself mentioned the relationship on Facebook.

Let me remind you, Radek used to be engaged to tennis legend Martina Hingis, then he started dating Nicole Vaidisova and after ending his three-year marriage to the attractive blond, who was just 18 when they announced the marriage news, he found love in the hug of yet another successful WTA player — two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova. Some time after breaking up with Kvitova in April 2014, Stepanek stated: “You can be sure that I am done dating tennis players.” He didn’t wait too long to break his word! Although, we can maybe say that Vaidisova doesn’t even qualify as a WTA player any more, even though she used to be ranked No.7 in the world and played two Grand Slam semifinals.

As for Vaidisova, after the divorce, she dated golfer Daniel Suchan for several years.

Radek posted this photo of him kissing Nicole on Valentines Day this year

One of the biggest young prospects of her time, Vaidisova, retired at the age of 20 and then years later attempted a comeback, but to no avail, as injuries forced her to completely abandon that idea. Now that she’s expecting a baby, it’s even more certain that tennis courts are becoming a distant memory for her. New challenges are ahead of the 28-year-old Czech, who informed us about her pregnancy by stating:

We are over the moon to announce that we are expecting a very special family member this summer and also reveal the baby’s first wardrobe addition.

I can’t believe Radek is again earning a place in my WTA Players and their Love Partners section. 😀 Anyways, congratulations to the happy parents, I’m wishing them all the best in their life back together and a healthy baby to complete their unity.


  1. Stepanek is cursing all these wta players into playing like slumps, first Hingis, then Vaidisova, then Kvitova, now Vaidisova again, I think he is the biggest reason for Nicole’s declining career…

  2. Ric, I can’t believe they’re back together and expecting a child! 😛 I don’t know, I think it’s not only Radek to blame for Nicole’s decline, but the timing did coincide! However, look how Petra is thriving and she was with Radek as well.

  3. @Marija: But she is not any more :), good for her!!!! Hard to believe that all these stunning female tennis players fell for this guy. Or, he is truly something special…. (hard to believe as well…)

  4. Yep! He is probably the most charming, personable and humorous guy ever. He looks like something you would find in a live bait shop. Ugliest dude ever! But…


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