Kvitova and Stepanek shock with breakup!


This is a big surprise, just as the news of their hookup! Czech media announced that Petra Kvitova and Radek Stepanek broke up and it’s been confirmed by Kvitova herself. The stated reason is that it was hard to balance the love and careers of two tennis players. Has Radek also realized that or will he proceed to another WTA star? Remember, very shortly before starting dating Kvitova he was married to Nicole Vaidisova, and before Vaidisova he was engaged to Martine Hingis.

As a reminder of days when their love was still thriving, check out the photoshoot Kvitova and Stepanek did together for Czech magazine DNES last winter.


  1. So glad to hear this, Petra’s career will only improve from here on… Hopefully he’ll leave the rest of the WTA girls alone & find a nice Czech girl & retire far far away, sorry Radek but I’m not your biggest fan

  2. I don’t think this will make any change on Kvitova performance on the court cause it was poor before this and will remind poor.

  3. It’s probably good for Kvitova. It would be odd if Vaidisova returned and played a match against Kvitova! 😛

  4. Look at what happens after they break up. Petra wins Wimbledon. Radek is nothing but a predator. Ruining careers.


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