Ostapenko’s guide to unexpected tennis courts in Riga

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Roland Garros champion Jelena Ostapenko stars in a hilarious new commercial for her hometown of Riga, using almost 2000 tennis balls to depict her career beginnings in the Latvian capital. Based on a true story! 🙂

Beautifully shot on 35mm film, the cinematic ad promotes Ostapenko’s home turf to travelers, cleverly finding links with tennis even in the famed Art Nouveau architecture of the city. The tongue-in-cheek video puts the tennis star in a number of unexpected settings – restaurants, rooftops, art galleries.

In the end, the ad invites us to “Come to Riga and hit some balls”. The ad is part of Insider’s Guide to Riga series, created for Riga Tourism Development Bureau by DDB Latvia and director Jānis Nords.



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