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This is a sponsored post by Kollectaball, a family-owned company established in 2015 with the goal of revolutionizing the way in which players pick up and feed tennis balls. Why do the chore of picking one ball up at a time when you can collect 60 in seconds? Designed by players and coaches, Kollectaball will take care of the balls, so that you can focus on your tennis.

Background: Michael had been the international salesman for a fruit and nuts collecting company, so he and his sons Lawrence and William, who have played tennis all their lives, including five years at the Sanchez-Casal Academy, joined forces to create a unique, time-saving tennis ball collector and hopper product. To ensure ultimate functionality and quality, they teamed up with Katie Boutler’s former tennis coach David Ireland and designed the fastest ball collector that poses no injury risk and makes no damage to the balls.

There are multiple versions of the product, some of which can be used to pick up other sports balls, including squash, baseball, lacrosse, pickleball, hockey, cricket, and ping pong. Below are the best three options for tennis.

Kollectaball Max

The K-Max is the most popular version of the product. It collects 60 tennis balls and has an inbuilt dispensing unit so customers can empty the contents of the cage in around 11 seconds. The product has been further improved with a stand (to be available later in 2019), so that coaches can place it right next to their ball cart and then use it to collect when needed instead of returning to the back fence every time. Have a look how it works:

Kollectaball CS60

The CS60 holds 60 tennis balls and folds up into a tennis ball collector device. The old metal hoppers are uncomfortable, impractical and no fun to use; CS60 is light, easy on the body, practical, efficient and most importantly fun to use!

Kollectaball CS40

A less expensive tennis ball collector designed to compete with the old tennis tubes that are popular. It is currently sold out in the USA, but another order is arriving imminently.

Durability: There have been many attempts over the years to solve the issue of collecting hundreds of tennis balls with many of them ending in a lackluster product that breaks after just a few sessions. Kollectaball is committed to making products capable of withstanding the rigors of collecting tennis balls day in, day out, on hard, rough surfaces.

As a result they have created a wire replacement system for all of their products to enable easy removal and replacement of bent wires. The wires themselves, made from an extremely durable and flexible steel, have been tested for over 10,000 hours of continuous rolling without damage. The only tennis court surface capable of damaging the wires within a year is a tarmacadam surface.

Kollectaball’s other products include Pro-Collector (picks up 80 golf balls), Bagbuddy (picks up 40 golf balls, as well as ping pong balls and squash balls), Kollectaball Mini (picks up pickleballs), and K-Strike (picks up 25 baseballs, lacrosse balls and cricket balls, as well as apples and many other fruits and nuts).

For more information, visit the Kollectaball website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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