It’s official: Naomi Osaka leaves Adidas for Nike


Two weeks ago I gave you a hint that world No.1 Naomi Osaka might abandon Adidas, but at the time the word was out that the new sponsor would be Uniqlo, while now we have official info that the two-time Grand Slam champion is joining the Nike family!

Nike published a press release on its official website, while Naomi announced the news by posting two pics from the game between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Wearing a Nike sweatshirt, Naomi met LeBron James there.

After already earning nearly $11 million in career prize money and a number of high-paying sponsorships which gave her a “featured honoree” position in Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia list, Naomi left Adidas for Nike, apparently getting a better offer from the Swoosh camp. The contract value has not been exposed, but it’s certainly lucrative. Remember that after her 2018 US Open triumph, there were speculations about Naomi being offered $8.5 million a year to extend her deal with Adidas.

Here’s how the 21-year-old comments on her new clothing contract:

I’m proud to become a member of the Nike family and excited about getting involved in all of the opportunities Nike has to offer. Nike has a legendary track record of writing history and I look forward to being a part of those moments for many years to come.

Adidas had been sponsoring Naomi since 2015 and note that she began that season ranked No.238. Prior to Adidas, Naomi was wearing Yonex.

The Spring Parley Tank + Skirt ensemble that Naomi wore at the Miami Open is officially the world No.1’s last Adidas outfit. The Nike partnership is already in effect, but it will see the light of the day at the 2019 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart, which starts on April 22nd.


  1. That’s disapointing, everyone wears Nike.
    I hope they give her her own gear. They did not do it for Halep or Stephens but they did it for Bouchard who had a similar “superstar” power, so… maybe ?

  2. Virginie. Lmao I still can’t believe that Bouchard had her own gear ????????
    Look at her now I’ve heard that Nike don’t give her a single dollar now

  3. They jumped to far on Genie back then, maybe they will be more cautious now, even with a 2 time Slam champion…

    Marija, is there a problem with your website ? Every minute I am redirected to a spam website.

  4. Virginie, thank you so much for letting me know! I see now that it’s been hacked. I’m finding someone to help me solve the issue ASAP.Virginie, thank you so much for letting me know!

  5. Interesting that all the reports in the fall said she had re-signed with Adidas for about $10-13 million per year or more; she didn’t, but just kept wearing Adidas pending contract negotiations. Also everyone (especially Jon Wertheim, who appears to have started the rumor), was assuming she was going to go to Uniqlo, not Nike. Shows how much you can trust media reports of contract signings and endorsement earnings!

    PS. I keep getting re-directed too. Such annoying people. Do they really think anyone would give them business after using such devious tactics?

  6. I’m bored with NIke, too many people wearing the same thing and often not that great to start with,
    what a pity Uniqlo didn’t get her.

  7. I hope that Naomi will have her own line like Serena and Maria, but I’m not sure how likely that is to happen. I’d especially like to see her in something Asia-inspired, as Nike apparently focuses on Asian market with her sponsorship (they timed the announcement to Asian time zones).

  8. While watching the LPGA’s first major of the year..the ANA Inspiration, they are showing the new commercial for ANA with Naomi Osaka where she watches a butterfly land on her tennis racquet. The theme is: Focus. She is raking it in with endorsements! Well deserved.

  9. I grew up at the time when sportsmen or sportswoman were role models. One tournament and …celebrity.
    Brainwash…brainwash….brainwash. She’s finished!!!

  10. Dull, I don’t think ever in recent years we’ve had a white outfit at Roland Garros. Maybe it’s for Wimbedon? It looks quite similar to her last year’s Wimbledon dress.

    Interestingly, the dress is no longer available at the page you provided the link to! Pity I didn’t do a screenshot.

  11. I am myself getting tired of NIke, too many people wearing the same thing and often not that great to start with,


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