The best gifts for tennis fans and players in 2019


Want to treat your tennis-playing friend (or perhaps yourself) with a nice present? Here are some ideas that will help you choose the perfect tennis gift without breaking the budget. This post is sponsored by Racquet Inc.

Racquet Inc. is a small but growing company dedicated to providing the most fun tennis gifts on the market. They produce their own goods and their ever-expanding offer includes one-of-a-kind gifts and accessories that adapt to the budget of under $25, even under $10.

Food-inspired band vibration dampeners

Racquet Inc. conducted a research in April this year and the results show that a staggering 76% of Top 100 WTA players use vibration dampeners. This tennis racquet accessory that reduces the amount of vibration of the strings comes in a wide range of styles, while Racquet Inc. has the best offer of food-themed ones, as you can choose between twelve designs: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Slice of Pizza, Fried Egg, Frosted Donut, French Fries, French Macaron, Pretzel, Iced Cupcake, Hot Dog, Hamburger, Avocado, and Cup of Coffee.

Tennis mouse pad

Are you in an office, eager to finish your job and go play tennis? With this tennis court mouse pad you can have a part of your fun leisure activity in your work environment.

Tennis USB adaptor plug

A full office kit includes this unique USB adapter plug and a matching tennis-themed laptop sleeve.

Tennis themed laptop sleeve

A lady can never have enough hair ties, right? These tennis ties double as a stylish summer bracelet.

Tennis hair ties

This player shows the tennis tie worn as a bracelet, accompanied by the actual tennis ball bracelet. When it comes to hair accessories, Racquet Inc. also offers headband ties in white and in black.

Tennis-themed accessories

Never have your tennis bag mixed up with someone else’s. Racquet Inc. created six bag tag designs made from durable silicone, so you don’t have to worry about them being broken by airport staff.

Tennis bag tag

Wine and tennis go together, don’t they? This reusable “Third Serve” wine bottle gift bag is the perfect way to gift your favorite bottle of wine to your tennis friends.

Tennis themed wine case

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