Serena Williams rips through Toronto draw with new Wilson Blade v7 racquet


Serena Williams didn’t even face a break point in the Rogers Cup quarterfinal against soon-to-be-number-one-again Naomi Osaka and the 23-time Grand Slam champion’s crucial tool is the seventh version of the Wilson Blade racquet.

Serena Williams Wilson Blade 7

This month Wilson launched the new 2019 Blade series, designed to help attacking tennis players truly blow away their competition. The seventh version of the Blade features an evolved three-part colorway on top of a lightweight, maneuverable frame.

Serena Williams Rogers Cup 2019
Serena Williams of the United States in action at the 2019 Rogers Cup WTA Premier Tennis 5 Tournament

The new Blade racquets are equipped with Feel Flex technology, giving players a more connected-to-the ball feel, while complementing their modern, more vertical swing path.

The improvements to the racquet are substantial, including 20 percent more horizontal flexibility for more control, 12 percent more vertical flexibility for more spin and 11.4 percent more stability for more power.

Serena Williams Toronto 2019

Serena uses the Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph Countervail model, priced at $249, a power player’s dream from the baseline. With its high swingweight, it requires solid mechanics, but those who can wield this beast will be rewarded with devastating power.

Simona Halep Toronto 2019
Simona Halep of Romania in action at the 2019 Rogers Cup WTA Premier Tennis 5 Tournament

Reigning Wimbledon champ Simona Halep also used the new racquet in Toronto, the Wilson Blade 98 (16×19). The updated model is intended for players who want a classic Blade with some modern spin and power.

The Blade v7 series offers three more models:

Blade 98 (18×20) — The 98 square inch head and tight 18×20 string pattern deliver a predictable and laser-like trajectory, making it very appealing to the big hitter who wants to keep more balls in play.
Blade 100L— Intermediate players who want a user-friendly entry point into the control and feel of the Blade series should seriously consider this model.
Wilson Blade 104 v7 — From the baseline, the Blade 104 feels stable at impact, but it also packs surprisingly good control, resulting in more confidence when attacking the ball. Intermediate singles and doubles players looking for an extended length racquet with outstanding feel should give this one a serious look.

All racquets are available at Tennis Warehouse USA and Tennis Warehouse Europe, with prices ranging from $199 to $249.


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