Roca Ball: Exercise weight balls for tennis players

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This post is sponsored by Roca Ball, a company dedicated to creating exercise weight balls to help tennis players and all other people who do repetitive hand and arm movements gain strength and flexibility with a user-friendly, multi-use, and portable weight device.

Roca BallThe folks at Roca Ball have recently come out with weighted exercise balls to help improve your hand and arm strength. Inspired by the tennis ball, the balls are felted rubber with 100% recycled steel weight inside.

The balls come in two sizes and two weight amounts:

  1. The one pound ball is the same size as a standard tennis ball and is ideal for doing various exercises like Baoding style ball rotations to help warm up muscles and improve strength.
  2. The two pound ball is three inches in diameter and is ideal for exercises like wrist flexes, arm twists, arm swings, and more.

The Roca Ball website shows sample exercises, many of which are used to help prevent or treat injuries like tennis elbow. Use of the weight balls is not limited to the exercises featured on the website, as customers are free to create their own ways to use the balls.


Besides using the weight balls to warm up before workouts, tennis players can use Roca Balls as a massage device after hard training, for both rolling and pressure point techniques. The weight of the ball will provide most of the pressure when used in rolling techniques, so less effort is required to perform the massage.

Visit the Roca Ball website to buy a pair of one pound Roca Balls at the price of $12.95, a two pound Roca Ball for $12.95, or a pair of two pound Roca Balls for $19.95. At least two balls is the suggested minimum, so that you can save time by keeping both your hands busy. For the one pound ball, four balls is the suggested minimum, if you want to hold two in each hand.


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