Naomi Osaka breaks the mold with women’s Nike Air Max Verona


Naomi Osaka is launching the Nike Air Max Verona shoe model, engineered specifically for a women’s foot and inspired by the ladies who break the mold and define themselves.

The Nike Air Max Verona commercial poses the question: “What would you say to your future self?” The whole ad is about Naomi Osaka’s note to her future self:

The future is exciting because you never know what’s going to happen. In that same breath, I’m not gonna lie, I used to be extremely scared of the future, because not knowing is also scary. But I realize you have to embrace the unknown, and you can only control what’s happening now. So the me right now is constantly putting in full thought and effort into all the things I love, and I hope the future me is doing the same.

The new sneaker model reintroduces the legacy of women’s Air Max to the next generation, with a modern silhouette that’s made for her— by her.

The mixed material upper features a plush collar, flashy colors and unique stitching patterns. Nike Air cushioning combines with the lifted foam heel for a modern aesthetic with on-the-go comfort. The color palette includes plum chalk, ghost, oracle pink and black.

The price tag is $130, available at


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