Aryna Sabalenka wins Belarus Insurance Cup during coronavirus outbreak


As tennis is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic on a local level, world No.11 Aryna Sabalenka defeated fellow Belarusian Aliaksanda Sasnovich to clinch the Belarus Insurance Cup exhibition at Minsk Palace of Tennis on Thursday.

The scoring format was specific, so Sabalenka triumphed 4-1 0-4 4-3(5), as a regular tiebreak was played at 3-3 in the third set. Before the final, the tournament included group competition where Sabalenka and Sasnovich took No.1 positions in their respective groups of four players.

The May 6th-7th event, broadcast live on YouTube, applied all necessary safety measures, so there were no spectators, there was only one judge present and players replaced the traditional post-match handshake with a racquet handshake and a distant kiss.



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