Why artificial grass tennis courts are the hottest surface right now


This is a sponsored post by TennisKit24, an online store of high-quality surface materials for tennis and padel courts. Over the last ten years usage of artificial grass surfaces for tennis courts has increased rapidly, especially among recreational players who are willing to build a private or community tennis court. Also, artificial grass is very suitable for renovating the old hard court or clay court. In both cases, artificial grass has very competitive price advantages compared to other surfaces.

A tennis court at home is an ideal option for healthy and active people. Who would not be excited by the opportunity to play whenever they want by merely walking out of the house! In addition, many people enjoy inviting friends, family, and business clients over to play tennis — this allows tennis courts to become an essential place for social interaction and deal-making.

Moreover, having a tennis court at home definitely enhances the property’s value! A tennis court can add as much as $150,000 (€138,000) in value to the comparable property in the same area. You can also design the outlook of your property with personalised court design since, for example, the tennis court colors or the custom-designed windscreen certainly have an impact on the overall environment.

A Personal Backyard Wimbledon Centre Court

Nowadays, there is a wide choice of surfaces for tennis court construction. One of the most common options is artificial grass that is produced precisely for tennis courts.

Artificial grass tennis court? What’s that? Well, in short — artificial grass tennis court allows you to create a personal Wimbledon Centre Court in your backyard. If you want to be like all the professional women’s tennis players and post elegant pictures on a perfect grass court, wearing a beautiful white dress, then the artificial grass tennis court is for you. What’s more — unlike real grass court, artificial grass court requires much less maintenance, so it’s a win-win!

Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass Tennis Court

1. Healthy for the Body

An artificial grass tennis court is considered to be quite safe and player-friendly, in comparison to the other alternative surfaces. Tennis can be a rough sport for your body; therefore, it is important to minimize the impact on players’ joints. For example, clay courts can cause injuries because of the movement of the clay material, and hard courts can be tough on joints. However, the softness of the artificial grass helps to prevent injuries! It reduces stress to all your harmful spots such as ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. Therefore, artificial grass tennis court is very suitable for recreational players who would like to enjoy tennis as a fun and social sport.

2. Easy Maintenance and Construction

We will reveal a secret to you now — the main reason for the popularity of artificial grass lies in easy and low-cost tennis court construction compared to other surfaces!

Moreover, not only construction is easy, but maintenance as well. Artificial grass tennis court requires more thorough maintenance only once a year, in spring. Since artificial grass is a hard-wearing surface and has quite high weather-resistance, the general maintenance doesn’t take too much effort from you. Mainly, the court only needs to be cleaned of the leaves and litter.

3. Various Playing Advantages

In addition to previously discussed benefits, the quick recovery of the surface after the rain is a crucial factor. An artificial grass tennis court dries out quickly and is far less slippery in wet weather compared to other surfaces. This allows extending the court’s playing hours since the players can return to the court as soon as possible.

Furthermore, artificial grass is a consistent surface. In the thickness of artificial grass doesn’t occur any variation, which guarantees the surface remains smooth. Besides, the court doesn’t become uneven or bumpy, which often happens with clay court, for example.

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