Kirsten Flipkens admits a kiss with Rafael Nadal, language barrier stopped the romance

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Appearing on a Dutch TV show De Container Cup, Kirsten Flipkens revealed there were some love sparks between her and Rafael Nadal when they were 14 years old.

Both born in 1986, the Belgian former WTA world No.13 and the Spanish 19-time Grand Slam champion have grown up together. After calling Nadal the most complete player on the ATP Tour, Flipkens revealed some unexpected details about her relationship with the Spanish legend when they were young adolescents:

Have we ever had anything (laughs)? Yeah, that’s right. When I was fourteen years old, I had a thing with Rafael. But he didn’t speak English at the time, so we couldn’t go further than hand in hand and a kiss.

Remember who else had an interesting love story? During an Instagram Live, Maria Sharapova recently revealed how Novak Djokovic asked her on a dinner date when they first met. (source: Essentially Sports)


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