It’s over between Anna Kalinskaya and Nick Kyrgios, the split was BAD!


After months of dating, Russian tennis star Anna Kalinskaya posted her first photo with Australian ATP player Nick Kyrgios on Instagram in March, but two months later they have already broken up and the split was a messy affair.

As reports, Kalinskaya captioned one of her recent black-and-white Instagram photos with the following text, presumably directed at her now-ex-boyfriend, the 40th-ranked men’s tennis player:

You’re not a bad boy, you are simply a bad person.

The cryptic message was later deleted from Kalinskaya’s profile, but the WTA world No.95 confirmed the breakup during an Instagram Q&A, revealing that she’s no longer in touch with Kyrgios:

We broke up. We aren’t friends. I understand you are his friends and it’s cool but I’m not going to talk about him. Have some respect for me as well please.

Although the breakup was made public earlier this week, going through the 21-year-old Kalinskaya’s Instagram we can notice that as early as on April 4th she captioned one of her bikini photos with “Fresh start”, while two weeks ago she shared the following quote: “No matter through you go… don’t let anyone break you, be strong, don’t lose yourself, be you.”

As it is the case with most women after a breakup, a dramatic hairstyle change is the way to go.

Before dating the young and hot Russian Kalinskaya, Kyrgios was in a long on-and-off relationship with just as beautiful Croatian-born Aussie Ajla Tomljanovic.


  1. She was the one stalking him before they started dating 🙈
    Idk what WTA girls see special in Kyrgios lol

  2. Melxir, maybe Kyrgios is an enigma, but Radek Stepanek remains the biggest WTA heartbreaker.

  3. I get why women chased bad boy like Nick, he has looks, talent, masculinity. He is daring, bold, that makes em challenging and exciting to date. Unfortunately he is an a**hole too, talks without filter in his head.
    No respects towards other players.

    But I dont get why anybody would wanna date Radek Stepanek, he has no looks, limited in term of tennis talents, hardly broke into top 10, dressed up like he is still in the 80s.

  4. Ric, all I can assume is that Radek is exceptionally charming and interesting. I have no other explanation. He dated Hingis, Kvitova, and is now with Vaidisova for the second time (they have a baby).

  5. Having a bit more information about Nick, when he talked about Ajla Tomljanovic, who he went out with for several years, he was always really loving and supportive. She also said that he was really different in private. however obviously he is volatile and doesn’t know how to deal with emotions and maybe that’s a problem in the end.
    As for Radek, I think it’s pretty obvious where his talents must lie, and it’s not being charming or interesting.


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