Nike Summer Maria Paris Dress brings eveningwear to women’s tennis fashion


Even though Maria Sharapova retired in February, her Nike line lives on and there’s a new tennis dress released for the 2020 French Open, i.e. just ahead of the tournament’s original date which has now been pushed to late September because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Summer Maria Paris Dress, part of Nike’s Summer 2020 collection, is another glamorous contribution to tennis fashion, adapting eveningwear style to tennis courts. There are no color contrasts, only navy and black are combined in an elegant piece that captivates with its sophisticated textures and feminine silhouette.

However strange it may seem, lace is not a rare occurrence in women’s tennis apparel and the new Nike dress combines this delicate cloth with the breathability of mesh, sateen waist, and a crinkled fabric on the skirt to create a lightweight design perfect for players looking for a blend of comfort and elegance.

The Nike Summer Maria Paris Dress is available at both Tennis Warehouse USA and Tennis Warehouse Europe.


  1. Out of context, do you know if Stella will come back designing tennis outfits or she’s gone forever?

  2. The only flaw of this dress is that huge thick black waist band, it doesnt look flattering nor it goes well with navy color.
    Perhaps if the waistband was an inch smaller of width, or different color like skyblue/white.
    Other than that,the dress is perfect combo of style and sporty!

  3. Melxir, I was looking for that info as well, but I haven’t found any statements by Stella. Nor did Adidas announce anything.

    Ian, it’s not that black and navy are an off combination. I wouldn’t like the waistband to be white or light blue, it looks much more elegant like this. Also, I like that it narrows down on the back.


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