Even exhibitions trigger hate comments! Andrea Petkovic responds to “You are so terrible! I think you should quit tennis.”


The WTA players are under constant attack by cyber bullies and those angry tennis “fans” can’t contain their emotions even during exhibition tournaments. Yesterday at the Bett1 Aces exhibition tournament in Berlin, Germany’s Andrea Petkovic played her first match since last fall, losing to two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova in straight sets on the grass court of the Steffi Graf Stadium, and then her inbox got full of insulting messages by gamblers.

Since such messages are a daily occurrence in a tennis player’s life, Petko got used to them years ago and doesn’t even bother any more, but after her Berlin exho she decided to share one such “communication” with her audience:

Petko said she gets dozens of these a day, but this one triggered her to respond and this is how she got back in her recognizable style:

Missed this! Bro, have you been living under a rock? 1) I have 3 careers going at the same and hate to toot my own horn but I’m awesome and 2) you try returning Petra’s leftie serve on the AD side on grass and then get back to me. Love.

Messages of support for Petko came from a slew of fans, including from colleagues such as Shelby Rogers, Kim Clijsters, and Rennae Stubbs, who was particularly graphic:

My favorite comment on Petko’s Twitter post is: “What a weird way of flirting.” Definitely!


  1. I bet Andrea could wipe the floor with all of these people who hurled abuse at her even if she started each game 30 or 40 love down. Who do these opinionated idiots think they are? They, and myself, haven’t earnt the right to be on the same court with Andrea or any other professional tennis player male or female…

    Best of luck with the rest of the tournament Andrea!!!!!

  2. Peter Johnson, what you’re writing is definitely true. Some people apparently have the urge to insult others while hiding behind an anonymous profile. I bet life is not treating them kind, so I guess we should have empathy for them as well…


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