WTA discontinues live score app!

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As if 2020 was not already a disastrous year for tennis, in time for Christmas we are treated with another piece of horrible news: the WTA/ATP Live Score App is being discontinued across all mobile and desktop platforms.

The shutdown is a result of some changes made to the data feed, so the app is no longer able to support the technical requirements of both the ATP and WTA. Men’s tennis offers a solution, as they will have the official ATP app for mobile users, while women’s tennis lives scores we’ll be available only on desktop, on the official WTA website, http://wtatennis.com.

ATP and WTA state that they remain committed to exploring opportunities for alignment across digital products.

It will now be much less convenient for tennis fans and players to follow match results. I hope that the WTA will come up with a solution soon.

Here’s how players Mandy Minella and Madison Keys commented on the situation:


  1. The New APT app is crap. Cannot see drawswell on phones, not easy to navigate and lacking complete info like the old app where yo could readily see draws, schedules, scores, calendar rankings and more at a glance. It was succinct and easy not elaborate or creative, just complete and well thought out. Obviously who ever designed the apt app, never regularly used the old one. With the pandemic, it is not he time for fans to struggle to get information, unless you want to discourage tennis following. Hopefully the wta comes up With something much better, soon

  2. Mary Ann Gloria Beyer, 2020 brought absolutely nothing good into our lives. The discontinuation of this app may seem trivial, but it has certainly further worsened the experience of us tennis fans. I see that even players are complaining, so I hope that the WTA will come up with a solution soon.


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