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Dear readers,

From now on I’ll be delivering tennis news straight to your inbox.

This weekend I’ve set up the Women’s Tennis Blog Newsletter. All of you who’ve been subscribed to my automatic daily updates, please re-subscribe now using the box below. My daily updates will be discontinued and from now on I’ll be sending only weekly wrap-ups in a nicely designed newsletter.

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This is something that was on my to-do list for years, but I was always putting it off because I didn’t have a clear idea how to make it happen and I lacked technical knowledge.

Over time I will most probably change the design of the subscription box and its position (currently it is located below single posts), this is just my initial design, to get things going.

When you subscribe, you will no longer be seeing the subscription box. I’ve set it up to be hidden to those who have already subscribed.

Thank you for supporting my blogging through all these years.




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