Stringr app: String your tennis racquets without leaving your home

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This is a sponsored post by Stringr, an on-demand racquet stringing service based in Los Angeles. Their innovative “Uber” approach to stringing allows you to string your tennis racquet without leaving your home.

Stringr is a new web and mobile app that connects tennis players with trusted, local racquet stringers on-demand; all from the comfort of your home! Stringr allows you to simply schedule a pick-up and drop-off time and you get a stress-free, high-quality racquet stringing in 24-48 hours on average.

How it works

  1. Select your pick-up location: Type in your address to match with a stringer near you.
  2. Schedule with a stringer: Set the pick-up and drop-off time date and time.
  3. Customize your stringing: Set your racquet stringing parameters for as many racquets as you need and review your order.


  • Same day pick up with an average turnaround time 24-48 hours
  • Verified, trustworthy stringers
  • Drop-off locations available
  • Contactless pick-up and delivery options
  • Secure payments through Stripe, our third-party partner
  • 50+ local stringers in the Greater Los Angeles Area with plans to expand to a city near you in July 2021

Impact and vision

Stringr uses technology to modernize the traditional tennis shop experience and takes the headache out of getting your racquet re-strung. Stringr’s services also boost local business and foster connection in the tennis community by helping independent stringers gain clients. The vision of Stringr is to make athletes’ lives easier by digitizing the sporting goods/services experience across the world.

Word from the founder, Artem Stafeev

The current tennis stringing business model doesn’t provide convenience to players and doesn’t allow independent stringers to scale their business. I created Stringr to bridge the gap between technology and the tennis world.

Artem talked about Stringr on the Tennis Techie Podcast.

Connect with Stringr

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Mobile app
Join the network of tennis racquet stringers


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