Elina Svitolina and Gael Monfils break up


The most famous tennis couple on the tour is no longer together. Elina Svitolina and Gael Monfils have decided to split up.

The WTA world No.5 Svitolina shared the news through Instagram Stories, saying that love is still there and they are still best friends, but it was necessary for them to take some time apart and find space.

Gael and I decided to take a break in our relationship.

The decision was incredibly difficult because we still have love for each other… BUT it’s just two best friends realizing it’s time to take some space and help each other live the most joyous, fulfilled lives as possible.

The Ukrainian added that her statement, signed “Elina & Gael”, is the last comment we’ll get from them on this topic. Monfils made no announcements on his social media profiles.

Svitolina and Monfils started dating in 2019 and they were very open about their relationship right from the start, to the point that they even had a joint Instagram account (now deleted).

We didn’t see this breakup coming. After her first-round win at the 2021 Australian Open, Svitolina wrote “Gael” and drew a heart on the camera lens.

This is a devastating period of Monfils. On Day 1 of the Australian Open he lost his seventh successive match and broke down in tears at a press conference.


  1. The journeymen couple broke up? Well hope they put their frustration and heartbreak thru their tennis and hopefully win major titles.
    I dont have hope for Monfils, but Svitolina has a an ounce of a chance (since WTA players are unpreductable now).


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