Club & Court: Luxury tennis dresses for busy women


This is a sponsored post by Club & Court, a new tennis & golf apparel brand launched by two Philadelphia moms determined to make outfits which would allow them to effortlessly transition from tennis practice to a meeting, school activity, lunch, or to the market.

Their first collection (Spring 2021) updates iconic vintage looks with modern fabrics and silhouettes, soft palettes and fun prints to create clothes that are both attractive and functional.

club and court tennis fashion brand

The Club & Court company was established by Lara Evans and Kristin Nevins, who met though their daughters’ school, but bonded over tennis at Merion Cricket Club. The tennis partners saw a need for clothes that would complement an active lifestyle and decided to go into business together.

club and court tennis collection spring 2021
The Ashby Dress (left) and the Course Skort (right).

“I would play with women who would rush off the court to change and then to the car for a meeting or another commitment, and all the time, rushing being the constant,” says Nevins. “Club & Court eases the transition from activity to activity, removing the step of an outfit change from the process, allowing women to move on with their day without further delay. This is a massive improvement needed for the women’s golf and tennis space. This has already been addressed for men, with the normalization of golf shirts and related attire being accepted as commonplace on and off the course.”

Evans points out how other industries specifically have lines that transition in and out of their activities: “Skiing has had après outfits for years; yoga too! Club & Court offers the perfect apparel for game time OR après sport.”

club and court spring 2021 tennis collection
The Jean Dress (left) and the Club Pullie (right)

The inaugural Spring 2021 collection includes dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, accessories, and Coming & Going, a category of pieces that can be worn before and after. Old-school trims and signature floral detailing are modernized by flexible styling and high-tech materials to ensure the ultimate in performance.

club and court tennis collection spring 2021
The Libby Dress Floral (left) and the Hadley Dress (right)

Fabrics, including stretch pique knit, performance poly, and luxe terry fabrics combine durability and four-way stretch to produce luxurious movement and textures.

Club & Court is available at as well as various luxury resorts and private clubs. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


  1. Nice dresses. My favorite is the one with front pockets on the skirt. I am just thinking whether it is maybe too short for me.

  2. Is the top left white dress with pockets available for purchase ? I am unablle to populate it on my screen .


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