Wilson x Minions tennis racquet and accessories collection


After a cubism-inspired racquet line, Wilson launched a limited-edition collection dedicated to a 2015 American computer-animated comedy film Minions. Racquets, different bag styles, balls, vibration dampeners and overgrips commemorate the wildly popular yellow creatures.

wilson minions

The collection is aim at all ages, but for children it offers a perfect tennis starter kit that includes a Minions-inspired Wilson 25 junior tennis racquet, a backpack and a water bottle.

junior wilson minions starter pack
The Wilson x Minions tennis starter kit

The Wilson Minions 25 junior racquet is tailored to the size and strength of players in the 9 -10 age range. Also available in the Minions series are junior racquet models: Wilson Minions 23 (for children between the ages of 7 and 8), Wilson Minions 21 (6-8 age range), and Wilson Minions 19 (2-4 age range).

For adults and rising juniors, Wilson recommends the Minions Ultra 100 Racquet. For recreational players and beginners, Wilson suggests the Minions Ultra 103 Racquet.

Wilson Minions tennis bag

This Tour 12 Pack Bag is the largest in the Wilson x Minions collection, while there is also a mini version.

There are two Wilson x Minions backpacks: Tour (left) and Junior (right).


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