Svitolina and Monfils learn it the hard way: Don’t trust Federer!

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What can you believe in if you can’t trust Roger Federer‘s tennis skills? Elina Svitolina recently put her fiancé Gael Monfils at the mercy of the Swiss ATP legend’s shots and a fun game ended with a big ouch.

As Monfils was standing on the side of the court, Federer was supposed to be hitting balls close to the Frenchman, but obviously not into him. While the first two shots were placed just right, the third one struck Monfils directly in the groin.

We all know how painful this was for Monfils. As a man, Federer sure knows it very well, although his first reaction was uncontrollable laughter. He also smiled at the camera and said: “This is behind the scenes. This one doesn’t count.”

Sharing the video on TikTok, Svitolina joked “New balls, please”. Federer apologized on Twitter, saying that he was out of rhythm and suggesting that they try again in a few weeks. Do you think Monfils will be willing to try again? Maybe in reversed roles.

Last year, Svitolina performed much better at this same game.


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