A guide to sum up your 2021 and make 2022 your best tennis year


This is a guest post by tennis coach Marcin Bieniek, founder of Enjoy Tennis Blog. He will help you evaluate your 2021 tennis year and make a good foundation for 2022. Marcin is currently looking for new career opportunities, so if you are interested in cooperation, you can contact him via his personal website.

The end of the year is a great moment to take a look at the last twelve months of your tennis career. One year can make a big difference in a player’s development. All players should be conscious of their successes and failures. Soon we will celebrate the beginning of 2022, but before we do it, we should evaluate and say goodbye to 2021.

Analysis is crucial

It doesn’t matter if it is related to practice, matches or tournaments, analysis is important in setting the right foundation for success in the coming year. Consciousness about the past builds experience and gives clear information about steps that should be taken next.

There are different reasons why players don’t sum up their performance at the end of the year. Some players don’t know how to do it, they don’t have tools to perform this activity with the goal in mind. Others know how to do it, but they don’t want to do it, because they are aware that they haven’t achieved their goals and they don’t want to feel sad after seeing the truth. However, every tennis player should sit down for a few minutes and evaluate the last 12 months.

A guide to analyze your tennis year

  • What did you learn?

It is impossible to get to the next level without improving. Analyze your actions that were taken to build broader knowledge and consciousness.

  • Did you have goals in mind?

Quality of work is based on attitude. Proper attitude is achieved only when goals are set. Think about your activities and your plan while doing them.

  • Did you stay committed to your goals?

It is all about repetition. If you have the habit of doing things consistently, you are on the right track of achieving great level of execution.

  • Did you analyze your daily performance?

Hard work is not the only factor that has to be included in your daily routine. Analysis of your short-term actions is necessary to include possible changes in the next 24 hours.

  • Are you happy with the results?

Players shouldn’t focus just on results, they should also analyze their results. Take a look at your ratio of won and lost matches. Moreover, count the trophies you have won. How do you feel? Do you want more?

  • How did you change as an athlete?

Every year you should be a better athlete. You should improve technically, tactically, physically, and mentally. Can you honestly say that you are better in all these areas? By how far?

  • What could you have done better in the last 12 months?

We all make mistakes. Even when we improve, we can always go further, and faster. Take a look at your past and deduct what you can do better next time you face the same situations.

That’s it. Another year is behind us. For some of you, it was a great year, while for others, it may have been one with many regrets. It doesn’t really matter in which group you are, because past should stay in the past. What you should do, however, is analyze the past 12 months and take conclusions to make 2022 your best year!

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