Danielle Collins boyfriend confusion: Is it Tom Couch or Joe Vollen?


Danielle Collins’ boyfriend is passionately supporting her from the players’ box, but there seems to be a lot of confusion as to who he is. Read to the end of the article, as we have resolved the situation.

Danielle Collins Thomas Couch
Danielle Collins and Thomas Couch at the 2020 Adelaide International

We recently posted an article that Collins’ boyfriend is Thomas Couch, her fitness coach, as that is what virtually all online sources claim. Moreover, watching the 2022 Australian Open, we could repeatedly hear TV commentators say that the guy in the stands is Collins’ boyfriend/trainer, Tom Couch.

thomas couch danielle collins boyfriend

The guy pictured above has been cheering for Danielle Collins at the 2022 Australian Open and they held hands and kissed as the WTA player walked to the court to play the final against Australian world No.1 Ashleigh Barty.

Joe Vollen LinkedIn

That guy in the stands doesn’t seem to be Tom Couch, so people are confused. As one of our readers pointed out in the comments, the guy is Joe Vollen. Googling him, we found his LinkedIn profile which states that he is a model, whose clients have included Calvin Klein, Ralf Lauren, Macy’s, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, etc.

Moreover, a huge fan of Czech women’s tennis even mentioned that this guy is a former boyfriend of Lucie Safarova.

Here he is with the former doubles world No.1 Safarova in Hyde Park, London, during Wimbledon 2017. By the way, Safarova is now married to Tomas Plekanec and they are expecting their second child.

Danielle Collins boyfriend
Danielle Collins of the United States holding hands with her boyfriend at the 2021 Chicago Fall Tennis Classic WTA 500 tennis tournament

As you can see, Danielle and the model guy were spotted holding hands at the 2021 Chicago Fall Tennis Classic.

Confirmation by Danielle Collins herself

During the 2022 Australian Open trophy ceremony, Danielle thanked her boyfriend Joe for supporting her. Therefore, all the sources that claim that her current boyfriend is Australian fitness trainer Tom Couch are wrong.

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