Amandine Hesse is expecting a baby

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French tennis player Amandine Hesse and her partner Thomas Doyennel waited for the Valentine’s Day to announce that they were expecting their first child.


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Sitting on the sofa in the arms of her partner, the 29-year-old Amandine showed her growing belly and a pregnancy ultrasound. The baby is expected to arrive in August.

The WTA world No.164 played her last tennis match in late January, at a $60K tournament in Andrezieux-Boutheon, France. In the Valentine’s photo caption, Amandine reveals that she’s still working out, although in a way that adapts to her pregnancy body, and assures that she’ll be back on Tour when the time comes.

Amandine Hesse

Amandine’s partner Thomas Doyennel, 32, is an inactive French football player.


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They’ve been together since 2015, as we can conclude from Thomas’ Instagram post from June 2017 which shows him and Amandine hugging in a swimming pool and the caption reads “two years”, written in Spanish.


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