Ajla Tomljanovic and Matteo Berrettini broke up? Instagram unfollows reveal.

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A new breakup is shaking up the tennis world. The word is out that Ajla Tomljanovic and Matteo Berrettini are not together anymore.

Although the couple still hasn’t confirmed that they are no longer an item, we have every reason to believe so because they have unfollowed each other on Instagram. Moreover, Tomljanovic deleted all photos of them together, while Berrettini still has some left.


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To reinforce our suspicion, the world No.39 Tomljanovic’s latest Instagram post, a video mix from Indian Wells, features a song called “Naive” by The Kooks.

The Croatia-born Australian WTA player and the Italian ATP player started dating in 2019. Early into their relationship, Tomljanovic was spotted cheering for Berrettini at the Vienna Open and the US Open in 2019. Moreover, in that period Matteo shared on Instagram a photo of them walking around Vienna and shopping — that photo is still up on his profile!

Ajla Tomljanovic
Ajla Tomljanovic of Australia in action during the first round of the 2022 BNP Paribas Open WTA 1000 tennis tournament

Initially, their relationship was mostly long-distance, but during the COVID-19 pandemic they finally had an opportunity to spend a lot of time together. Commenting on that period, the world No.6 Berrettini said:

“It was nice to spend a lot of time with Ajla. We were not used to this situation, because we met only occasionally. It was not always easy, but it was very positive. We have trained together. We have a different mentality. I am more relaxed.”


  1. Sad to hear Matteo broke up with Ajla, hopefully there’s a chance for reconciliation especially it is Lent when we forgive

  2. Why? Is Matteo got with his fame, celebrity! We love them together, still hoping for reconciliation sooner. Queensland, Australia.

  3. AJLA is NOT a 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is SUPER HOT (especially her legs)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Message for AJLA TOMLJANOVIC (OLYMPIC TENNIS later on):
    AJLA: I am so so sorry about your loss to JABEUR!!
    I also feel bad for MATTEO!!
    If it is any consolation, you are HOTTER than JABEUR and MORE GRACEFUL when in action!!
    In fact, you are the most graceful when in action out of ALL FEMALE TENNIS PLAYERS!!
    I think that it is a CO-INCIDENCE that you and JABEUR share the RAREST of the RAREST for FIRST FEMALE NAMES!
    I have never heard of any other females in the world that are named ONS and AJLA!!
    Since you and ONS are good friends, tell her that one of my favourite jazz compositions is entitled” A NIGHT IN TUNISIA!!
    Let us hear it for AUSTRALIA:
    THREE of the best guitarists in the WORLD: TOMMY EMMANUEL, JOE ROBINSON and JAMES MULLER!!
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    BTW AJLA, I am 50% ITALIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    BTW, my other PR running times: 11:39 for the 2.5KM, 13:56 for the 3KM, 22:58 for the 5KM and 39:15 for the 8KM ALL at 226 pounds+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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