Venus Williams reveals relationship status at the Oscars

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Does Venus Williams have a boyfriend? The last guy we knew the tennis star was dating was Nicholas Hammond. At the 2022 Oscars, the American casually confirmed that her relationship status is single.

Venus Williams

Venus and Serena Williams attended the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday, as the “King Richard” movie about their childhood and route to success was nominated in six categories. The tennis sisters took the stage to introduce Beyoncé’s performance of “Be Alive”, filmed at the sisters’ first tennis court in Compton, California, where it all started.

Speaking with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans and Zuri Hall on the 2022 Oscars red carpet, Venus was shown a paper with screenshots from three Beyoncé’s videos and asked to pick her mood. She went with “Single Ladies” straight ahead, saying “I’m a single lady” as she performed the characteristic hand-flipping moves. Watch the video above to see that part of the interview.

What type of boyfriend does Venus Williams like?

During a recent Q&A on her YouTube channel, Venus Williams also confirmed that she was definitely single. She also answered a couple of interesting questions related to what she is looking for in a man.

When asked would she ever date a regular guy, Venus replied:

Can you define a regular guy? What does that mean? I think all people are regular people. For me the difference between regular and extraordinary is the effort that you make. We’re all normal folks. So are you willing to do something extraordinary? Are you willing to do something extraordinary for me? So are you? Or anybody? So what’s your definition of ordinary, extraordinary, regular? Because I think we’re all just ordinary people and our efforts that we give can be extraordinary. That’s my definition.

When a fan asked her if he could be her boyfriend, Venus once again explained:

Will you do something extraordinary? So for all of you guys who ask me would I like to get married, or … What are you gonna do? So let me know what you’re gonna do for me down in the comments box. I am single, so maybe there will be something that will move me. Let me know.

The last tennis tournament Venus Williams played was the WTA Chicago Women’s Open in August 2021, where she lost in the first round to Hsieh Su-Wei. It is still unclear when the 41-year-old will return to competition.


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